Front doors are one of the first things visitors see, but for the most part those big white canvases are left blank. Sure, once a year it’s acceptable to hang a DIY wreath on them, but when the holidays pass the doors go back to blah. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to tell guests the bathroom is that neon green door down the hall? If you’re looking for inspiration for a mini home makeover you can do in an afternoon, get inspired by these 13 interior and exterior doors that fearlessly rock all shades of neon, pastels and patterns.

1. Teal Blue: Let in those tropical vibes no matter where you live by painting doors a bright turquoise. Glass doors are especially good for neon shades since there isn’t as much surface area and the color won’t dominate the room. (via My Domaine)

2. Bubble Gum Pink: If you’re lucky enough to have doors with molding, you don’t even have to decide on one color. Pick your top three faves and candy stripe those babies. (via Lonny)

3. Painted in Half: Make a seriously awesome statement by just painting half of the door. A color dipped door? Yes, please. (via A Beautiful Mess)

4. DIY B&W Graphic Door: You don’t need many supplies for this DIY, but you will need a bit of patience, depending on how straight you want those stripes. Electrical tape makes a bold statement on a white door, but won’t leave any marks behind when you decided to take them down. (via I Spy DIY)

5. Soft Blue: If you’re not feeling super bold, warm up your home by channeling Pantone’s call for peace with a soft blue front door. (via Lemon Stripes)

6. DIY Gold Stripes: You’ll be living in a renter’s paradise thanks to the miraculous effect of contact paper. Peel on, peel off and let your imagination go wild. (via Oh Joy)

7. DIY Upholstered Door: Everything looks fancier dressed up in upholstery — headboards, benches, chairs — so why not your doors? (via Design Sponge)

8. Hot Orange: If your kids have fallen in love with a crazy color and you can’t quite commit to painting their whole room a shade of magenta, try appeasing them with a compromise and just paint the door. (via BoligLiv)

9. Taped Door: Monochromatic patterns speak just as loudly as neon green does. Case in point? This rad door. (via Poppytalk)

10. Lined in Pink: It’s the tiny details that really pull a room together, like just painting the inside edges of the door a bright pink. It’s easy to hide, like a fun little secret that you can share with guests. (via Land of Nod)

11. Cheery Yellow: You might be tempted to hum a little Beatles every time you walk through this sunshine yellow front door…”Here comes the sun, da-da da-da.” (via Old Brand New)

12. Rose Quartz: A single rose pink door makes a smashing statement. Thanks to Pantone, you can expect to see a lot of these rose quartz accents popping up over the new year. You’re so on trend. (via Pompeli)

13. Half + Half: You don’t have to wait till spring for these vibrant shades; a door like this could totally make up for the sun setting at 4pm. (via One Kings Lane)

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