As you know via the Brit + Co. Instagram and our recent partnership with Evernote, we threw a little tea party last week! Naturally, we did a whole bunch of DIY projects to prep and decorate for it, including these fun, geometric patterned throw pillows. Follow the tutorial below to see how we did it – and stay tuned for a full wrap-up of the party later this week!

 – throw pillows

– gaffer’s tape

– Sharpie

– black fabric paint

– paint brush

– plus sign template (printable available here)

We snagged our throw pillows from IKEA for just $3.99 a pop! Amazing. You can’t order them online, but it’s definitely worth a trip to your local IKEA if you want to stock up.

The tools for this are easy to find, making this a DIY Basic you should definitely favorite. We used gaffer’s tape (fabric texture) instead of painter’s tape for this because it works better on fabric.

First up, a pattern inspired by all the tribal and geometric designs we’ve been swooning over. We recommend drawing your pattern on paper before committing to it. We did a mix of chevrons, triangles, squares, etc. The hand-painted look is crucial on these, so don’t worry about making a million templates.

How fun is that? And the shapes are so simple – you can definitely create your own style.

Next up, our signature plus sign! Even if you’re not making pillows for Brit HQ, the plus sign is universal shape that we think everyone can get down with. Download our plus template here, then cut out the template, trace onto your pillow, and paint! Just be careful to stay in the lines.

You could do something similar with other symbols you know and love, like @, #, and &.

Last up, our favorite hack for making anything look pretty. Use painter’s tape to create a geometric mosaic on the bottom half of your pillow. Make sure to keep things asymmetrical for extra design points. Place your tape in a pattern you like, paint, let dry, and peel off.

It’s like a little puzzle!

And here they all are.

Of course, we made a whole bunch more for our party…

Don’t they look cozy on that white sofa with flowers all around? And now… time for an animated GIF!

Pillows, pillows, pillows, pillows!

Have you tried adding designs to throw pillows? Or anything else in your home? Talk to us in the comments below.