When the color block trend started, we pretty much immediately fell in love with all things color blocked: furniture, dresses, nail art, you name it. How could we not?! In an effort to color block everything, we looked around and landed on kitchen tools as our next victim… er, project :) Applying this trend to kitchen tools is a little bit trickier than chair legs. You need paint that is water resistant and food safe at the same time. So today we’re going to show you how to achieve beautiful results and give your wooden spoons a brand new look with paint that is totally kitchen-safe.

Materials + Tools:

– wooden kitchen tools (we went with spoons)

– non-toxic craft paint

– food safe sealer

– masking tape

– aluminum foil

– paint brush


1. First clean your kitchen tool. Then cover the area you don’t want to paint with masking tape.

2. Paint your first color.

3. Remove the tape before the color completely dries. That’s the secret for a perfect crisp line ;)

4. Once it’s dry, add masking tape where the first color ends, and paint over the exposed area with your darker paint.

5. Remove the masking tape and let it dry again.

6. Time to make your tool completely food safe. Use aluminum foil to cover the raw area and spray paint your color-blocked section with a food safe sealer like this one.

7. Wait for a while and that’s it!

First, make sure your kitchen tool is completely clean. Then add a piece of masking tape where you want your first color to end. This will create a straight line. Paint below the masking tape and then remove the tape while the color is still wet. Let your paint dry. Next, add a fresh piece of tape (as shown in the picture above) and paint over the exposed area with your second color. Remove the tape and let this section dry. Finally, cover the unpainted area with aluminum foil and seal the painted section with a food safe sealer. Voilà! You’re done!

We love that this DIY is easy and colorful! Your other kitchen tools are going to be so jealous of your spoons’ new ‘do :)

How are you going to incorporate the color block trend into your home? Let us know in the comment area below