There doesn’t ever need to be a reason to brighten up your nail color palette, but achieving a kick-a color block mani is totally one of them. If you ask us, this geometric nail art benefits from a range of vibrant colors (you know us, the bolder the better!). So grab your nail striping tape: it’s time to pull some seriously cool shapes with these 12 color block manis you should try now.

1. Cali Clash Nail Art: There’s something about this combo of fuchsia, apple red, and a shiny gold stud that is super striking—maybe because we’re still high on romance from Valentine’s Day, maybe because it screams Kate Spade. Whatever the case, we’re obsessed! (via Uncovet)

2. Orange and Nude Nail Art: If orange is the new black, then nude polish is its most trusted P.I.C., especially on this cool color block mani. It’s one way you can rock orange nail art and not worry about it looking Halloween-y. (via Pshiiit)

3. Geo Color Block Nail Art: The black lines that separate the color blocks make this swoon-worthy nail art palette pop. As much as we love gold glitter polish, it’s refreshing to see it take a back seat to less glitzy shades. (via Wonder Forest)

4. Colorblock Nails: OMG! These color block nails rule! This blogger posted the pic as inspo for killer multi-colored nails, and we’re more than happy to pass the torch along. (via Oh Mai Darling)

5. Faux Chippd Polish: Nail hack! Got chipped polish around your fingertips? Add a color block coat over it to disguise. Genius! (via Isla Everywhere)

6. Mosaic Nails: This multi-block mani really puts the art in nail art. We don’t doubt that this look takes some serious practice to complete, but once it is, rest assured that your nails are the most enviable around. (via Pshiiit)

7. White Nails + Black Marker: The trick to getting such precise black color blocks? Use a Sharpie! The permanent marker’s thin tip makes it easy to get almost perfect edges without much fuss. (via Isla Everywhere)

8. Pink and Red Color Block: Get this glossy look by adding dual blocks of color to your nails first, then brush on the shiny topcoat. We love the way this nail art looks with a completely clear base. (via I Spy DIY)

9. Contrast Nail Color Block: This is the ultimate low-key color block look. Add the banding to just your ring finger for a subtle contrast to the rest of your perfectly painted nails. (via Love, Blair)

10. Pastel Color Block Nail Art: We’ve featured this look before when we gushed about the sparkling silver striping tape, but now we’ve moved onto gawking over those dreamy pastel color block tips. That combo of baby blue and mint green is perfection. (via Pshiiit)

11. Cool Color Block Nails: Here’s a bold color block look that we can totally get behind! The slight asymmetry keeps the nail art as interesting as it is colorful. (via Fashion Polish)

12. Mini Color Blocks Nail Art: What a super cool take on a color block mani! Tiny squares of polish act as a technicolor stripe that’s insanely eye-catching. We’d try this style in a gradient or in repeating colors, too! (via So Nailicious)

Which style is your fave? Talk to us in the comments below.