In our humble opinions, brunches are better in pajamas. So why not throw a brunch party with strict PJ attire to ring in the New Year? We’re teaming up with Barefoot Bubbly to bring you a pajama-ridden, mimosa-filled brunch party, chock full of easy DIYs and enough Bubbly to have a bash. Stock a mimosa bar with your favorite juices, garnishes a-plenty and tons of different Barefoot Bubbly flavors — everything from Brut Cuvée to Bubbly Pink Moscato to Citrus Fusion. That, plus strict pajama attire, a quick photo booth backdrop and brunch bites you made in minutes is all you need for a top shelf party with your squad. Check it out!


See those adorable wine bottle cozies? They’re CRAZY easy to make and kind of the best idea ever. (Hostess gift, anyone?)


Wine Bottle Cozy

Materials and Tools:
 — BETTER WITH BUBBLY printable (download it here or DIY it!) – (Psst: Mirror-image version here!)

— iron-on transfer paper

— craft foam

— fabric

— Velcro strips

— iron

— scissors

— ruler

— spray-on adhesive



1. Measure foam around the sparkling wine bottle. Add an additional inch for overlap, then cut foam to size.

2. Trace foam onto the fabric you’ll be using, then cut that fabric to size.

3. Print out the BETTER WITH BUBBLY template (or its mirror image version) or DIY your own message, then print onto iron-on transfer paper.

7. Trim the paper down to size. Follow the instructions provided with your iron-on transfer paper to transfer the message onto your fabric.

8. Trim the text and lay down fabric on either a pillowcase or extra fabric on a hard surface.

9. Iron on text.

10. Add spray adhesive to the back of the foam piece.

11. Start on one side and carefully use your fingers to smooth out the fabric on the foam.

12. Cut two one-and-a-half-inch strips of Velcro and wrap foam around the bottle to determine where to stick the pieces.

13. Adhere the Velcro strips to the foam and wrap it around your bottle!


Wrap the foam around your bottle to measure the correct size.


Pick a fabric that goes with the feel of your party. Barefoot Bubbly bottles have brightly colored labels (which we LOVE!), so go with colors that fit that scheme. Once you pick the perfect fabric, trace your foam on the fabric and cut it out.


Next print our template or your own design on iron-on transfer paper. Be sure to print the mirror image if you create your own. To iron it on the fabric, follow the instructions on the transfer paper packaging.


Now it’s time to attach the fabric to the foam. Coat the foam with a layer of spray adhesive, then carefully lay down the fabric, making sure to press down the sides evenly and avoid bubbles (those are for the drinks!). Wrap the foam around your bottle to determine where the Velcro strips should go. Then peel and stick them to the cozy.


Wrap your cozy around the bottle and you’re done!


Hello beautiful.


I mean really… It’s like pajamas for your bottle of Bubbly ;) Now all of you can match!

Psst: see that awesome backdrop? It’s made out of table fringe! Simply layer a few strands on a wall, add some colorful paper honeycomb, and you’ve got yourself a photobooth.


Let’s get this party started! Send your gal pals watercolor invitations. Just write or draw on a white piece of watercolor paper with a white crayon, then paint over it with watercolor for a gorgeous card.


Add some granola and fruit bites. These are the perfect finger food for easy eating.


Mini pancakes are a must because… MINI PANCAKES! Need we say more?


Plate up some garnish…


And add cotton candy as a topper. How cute is this!


We highly suggest you make this party pajama mandatory. Keep it comfy while you sip on Bubbly. You could even include a contest – the gal with the quirkiest ‘jammies wins their own bottle of Barefoot Bubbly!

Share pics of your pajama brunch and mimosa bar with us using the hashtags #iamcreative and #barefootwine.

This post is a collaboration with Barefoot Bubbly.

DIY Production and Styling: Madeline Bachelder and Anita Yung

Photography: Chris Andre