Remember making paper snowflakes as a kid? First there was all that folding, followed by cutting with scissors that never seemed sharp enough. The best part, of course, was the reveal. You never knew what your masterpiece was going to look like. But snowflake-making doesn’t just have to be an activity for kids. We’ve got 15 of our favorite ways to transform your home into a winter wonderland using paper snowflakes — no snow tires required.

1. Snowflake Garland: Let your regular paper snowflakes mingle with some 3D ones by creating these delicate paper garlands. String them across your windows for a never-ending show of peaceful white snow. (via This Heart of Mine)

2. Bedroom Flakes: Collect some of your favorite snowflake ornaments or make your own to hang on colored ribbons for some holiday cheer in the bedroom. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

3. Table Decor: Hang a collection of snowflakes, disco balls and stars over your dessert bar or drink table for a magical display. (via Plascon Trends)

4. Window Display: Put the kiddos to work and you’ll have enough snowflakes to hang in all the windows. (via The Opulent Poppy)

5. Snowflake Table Runner: Make every meal a festive affair with this snowflake table runner. Unlike real snow, these flakes can last until spring if you lay some glass over your creations. (via Art Bar)

6. Doily Snowflakes: For an even more delicate and intricate garland, cozy up with some hot chocolate and cut your snowflakes out of doilies. (via Hello Naomi)

7. Staircase: Why let the banister get all the fun? Spruce up your entire stairwell with some giant 3D paper snowflakes. (via Country Living)

8. Deck the Front Door: Show off your snowflake skills to all your guests by hanging them gallery-style on your front door. (via Burlap and Hay)

9. Gift Toppers: Forget those boring store-bought bows and top your presents with these ruffled snowflakes instead. (via Giochi di Carta)

10. 3D Snowflakes: These spiky 3D snowflakes could easily turn into stars for a rockin’ New Year’s Eve party. Photo booth background, anybody? (via At Home in Love)

11. Snowflake Chandelier: This easy project is slightly time consuming, so just cue up your favorite holiday movie and get ready to cut and glue away for a truly stunning piece of snowflake decor. (via Homes)

12. Snowflake Curtain: Use coffee filters instead of regular white paper, and you’ll have translucent flakes, perfect for hanging in the window. (via

13. Five Points: Bam! Talk about a pop of color. Download this paper template and try your hand at making some beautiful five-pointed snowflakes. (via How About Orange)

14. Wonderland Bedroom: Way too pretty to ever take down, we think a snowflake headboard could easily turn into a year-round decoration. (via House and Garden)

15. Snow Lights: Mix up your textures with tulle, tissue paper and paper snowflakes, and you can dress up a few strands of lights for some extra cheer during the winter days. (via Brit + Co)

Do you remember the last time you made a paper snowflake? Share your favorite snow memories with us in the comments below!