When it comes to the home, we’re all about adding color and creativity in unexpected places. From art in the Loovre to colorful furniture legs, we’ve made it our business to scour the web for the most creative, innovative, and inventive ways to customize our space.

As we slowly but surely Brit-ify our new office space, we’re making a point of brainstorming creative ideas for every nook and cranny. This week’s focus? The stairs! Here are 25 inspiring ideas for decorating your stairs, from song lyrics to florals to our old friend chevron. And be sure to stay tuned for our own DIY stairs project in the coming weeks!

1. Washi Tape: First up, washi those stairs! We love how these stairs look as if they’re dripping with patterns. (via Frashion by Marina)

2. Chalkboard Stairs: How adorable are these? Just remember to tell your kids that not everyone in the neighborhood has stairs you can write on. (via My Home Rocks)

3. Blue and White Wallpaper: This has a decidedly Scandinavian feel, with the blue and white Danish-style patterns and pop of red polka dots. You could recreate something similar with wallpaper samples or even hack it with color printouts. (via On the First Floor)

4. Rainbow Bricks: How awesome are these painted bricks? You could also do this on regular steps to create a fake brick pattern. Wait.. maybe that is that they did here after all! (via Twisted Sifter)

5. Piano Stairs: Tickling the ivories… with your toes? Yes please! (via Inspiration Green)

6. Floral Wallpaper: Floral wallpaper might be a little much for your actual walls (though props to Laura Ashley for rocking our ’90s bedrooms), but we love this use of it to decorate steps. (via Sarah Moore Vintage)

7. Painted Irregular Stripes: We love the sort of wavy irregularity in these stripes – who needs painter’s tape anyway? ;) (via Simplifying Fabulous)

8. Pantone Stairs: Decorate your stairs with the colors you love – just make sure you label them correctly!

9. Zebra Stairs: Make it wild with animal print paint, decals, or wallpaper. (via Amber Interior Design)

10. Mice: This look is too cute! We love the idea of doing something similar for basement or attic stairs, where all those creepy crawly critters hang out. (via Houzz)

11. Song Lyrics: The fonts, the colors, and the Doors lyrics. What’s not to love? (via Pinklet and C)

12. Rainbow Stairs: You can never go wrong with a rainbow of stairs. We just might have to do something similar here at Brit HQ. (via EZ Pong)

13. White and Wood: Highlight beautiful hardwood stairs by “dipping” the edges in white paint. (via Dishfunctional Designs)

14. Ombre Stairs: Woof! How adorable is that dog? But on to the topic at hand – this aquatic-inspired ombre design totally transports us. (via Real Simple)

15. Orange Pop: Color block your home by taking inspiration from this green wall, orange stairs, and blue alcove. (via Tiffany Ruda)

16. Handpainted Stairs: For a more whimsical approach, channel your inner illustrator to create this inspiring piece. (via Inspiration Green)

17. Seaside Hues: The pastels on this interior design are anything but Easter-y. (via Houzz)

18. Bold Patterns: Make it pop with bold colors and stenciled out patterns. We particularly love the color coordination with the table in the back. (via Home Renovations)

19. Chevron Stairs: We’ve always gotta give a nod to chevron. This photo is actually from an Etsy listing of decals you can buy to chevron your stairs! (via Etsy)

20. Beirut Colors: This is our favorite of the bunch. We love the geometric design and the crazy colors. (via Skyscraper City)

21. Polka Dot Stairs: While the combination of the pink and polka dots might seem a touch girly, we like the concept and would love to see it done in black and white with pops of brighter colors. (via Dos Family)

22. XOXO: Cue up MIA’s XXXO and rock out while recreating this great DIY project. (DIY Network)

23. Giant Dots: How trippy is this optical illusion? It would definitely take some serious visual planning to pull off this idea, but we’re inspired. (via Felice Varini)

24. Yarn Bombed: Yarn bombers strike again! (via Design Milk)

25. Teal and Yellow: Last, a simple color pairing of deep teal and yellow to add a modern playfulness to a typical staircase. (via Wohnideen)

What do your stairs look like? Will you decorate them like any of the ideas listed above? Talk to us in the comments below.