11 Gold Essentials to Pair With Pastels
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11 Gold Essentials to Pair With Pastels

Ladies and gents, spring has sprung, and that means busting out everything from April-shower-ready rain boots and pastel dresses to, well… pastel everything, even room decor. Since pastel is the name of the game this season (and every spring), we’ve gathered some of the prettiest gold pieces we could find to pair with ’em.

1. Padgett Hoke Gold Curved Bar Necklace ($36): Let’s start off the gold rush with this curved bar beauty. It’s simple and dainty, making it the perfect addition to anything pastel.

2. Bando Gold Charging Cord ($17): While a phone charger isn’t the first thing that usually comes to mind when you think of accessories, it’s absolutely an essential. Plus, the gold cord takes your style game to the next level.

3. Brit + Co Gold Bar Necklace Kit ($19): Forget plain old gold — go the custom route with this bar necklace kit that comes ready to be DIY stamped with anything you can dream up.

4. Batsu Maru Double Chain Gold Bracelet ($35): This double-chained beauty takes care of cool bracelet layering with the clip of just one clasp. Style and ease, yes, please!

5. Happy Plugs Gold Earbuds ($20): You’re always listening to tunes, and your earbud cords are always dangling down your outfit, so there’s no reason why they should be left out of the gold accessory game.

6. Maika Gold Dots Print Carryall Tote ($52): Carry all your springtime essentials in one glorious tote bag that sports gold polka dots to die for.

7. Gigglosophy Mid Band Ring ($8): Mid rings are all the rage, and since it doesn’t look like they’re going to be out of style any time soon, this $8 investment is a safe, safe bet.

8. Padgett Hoke Antler Earrings ($40): Give a golden nod to the wonderful new flora and fauna that pop up throughout spring with these pretty antler earrings.

9. Bando Peekaboo Clutch in Mint ($24): If you want to keep your pastel game on high and just add a slight glint of gold, then this little mint green clutch is just what you need, m’lady.

10. Ofina Webbed Ear Cuff ($24): These are in, just in time for festival season! These edgy items are a great way to add a little spunk to a pastel dress.

11. Gigglosophy Script Love Necklace ($15): Last but not least, we’ve got a little love to close out the golden round up. Love never goes out of style.

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