It’s time to admit it. While we love our bolds and brights, we really have a soft spot for lighter, feminine pastels. There’s just something so delicate and lovely about a touch of pink, mint and that soft pale yellow that we just can’t resist. And with spring approaching, now is the perfect time to bring a little more color into your life. With all the awesome, colorful projects in our latest book, Homemakers, we couldn’t be more excited about helping ya’ll decorate and DIY your way to a beautiful new home. Here are 12 tips for bringing pretty, pretty pastels into your decor.

1. Dipped Chairs: Whether you just dip the legs or the backs, choosing a soft shade is a great way to bring pastels to dinner. (via Hally’s)

2. Curtains: Put up some pastel drapes on your windows to turn your space into a light and bright oasis. (via Art and Chic)

3. Office Storage: When you’re adding pastels to your home for spring, you can’t ignore the place where you spend most of your time. Thankfully there are loads of soft-hued storage options for your office. (via Two Twenty One)

4. Plant Pots: Ever thought about sprucing up your indoor greenery? Pretty pastel pots like these should do the trick. (via @leifshop)

5. Kitchen Linens: Dish towels and tablecloths are super simple ways to change up the decor in your kitchen. They store easily and come in every shade of the pastel rainbow (and then some). (via Donkey and the Carrot)

6. Throw Pillows: It’s a well-known fact that switching out your throw pillows with the seasons is the easiest decorating trick for your living room. Ever. (via Bright Bazaar)

7. Appliances: Yes, it’s more of an investment than a throw pillow, but how can you resist a pink espresso maker? (via Sukkertoy for Oyet)

8. Rugs: We think pastel rugs are the perfect accessory for any room. Used with neutrals, the rug’s soft brightness will really tie the whole room together. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

9. Furniture: Don’t give up on that old side table or dresser. Instead, consider giving it new life with a coat of pastel paint. (via Fjeldborg)

10. Craft Supplies: If you’re a dedicated crafter, you’ve probably got the pastel goods. So go ahead and put them up for all to see — washi tape, paper, ribbon, glitter, etc. (via Torie Jayne)

11. Bookcase Bits: Bookcases are an important piece in any room. Adding little bits of pastel with some extra baubles will help fill out your spring decor just so. (via My Attic)

12. Mix It Up: If you’re stuck between pink and mint, don’t be afraid to use ’em both in your space. Trust us, it works. (via Charlotte Love)

Are you into pastels? How do you decorate for spring? Tell us your tips below!