One toy to rule them all — that’s PAWW‘s aim, and they’re currently raising funds on Kickstarter to start producing Fido’s soon-to-be-favorite plaything. When you pledge $25, you get PAWW’s trio of super smartly designed toys. The toys combine tugging and fetching and won’t tear up like other playthings sitting in their repertoire of playtime tools.

ball 6

If you’re looking for some feel-good features, you’ll be happy to hear that you can put treats and bits of kibble inside of the toy to keep your dog engaged while you’re not home. And you can rest easy knowing that they’re made out of non-toxic, durable rubber.

ball 1

Want a ball that bounces high and can go far? Maybe you need a ball that’ll stop after the first bounce? You can now have either… or both! This series of toys works for any dog, no matter if they love to fetch log distances or have little legs that can’t carry them quite as far.

ball 3

Above is the PortoBallo. Get it? Because it’s shaped like a mushroom. It’s super bouncy and great for bigger spaces.

ball 2

This StickBall is great for tugging and fetching. And since it doesn’t bounce, you don’t have to worry about it rolling off a cliff in hilly areas.


The GoofBall, aptly named because these angled arms cause it to bounce around in a totally erratic way, is great if you have a super highly active pup who’s always looking for a challenge.

ball 4

You’ve probably already figured out the perfect PAWW model for your needs. Whether you have single-focused hound mix or a wild little cattle dog, we’re confident there’s a toy here for you. Get them while you can at the discounted price over on their Kickstarter page.

What’s your dog’s favorite activity? Tugging, chewing, fetching or something completely original? Let us know in the comments.