OMG! We shouldn’t have to say this, but here we go: DON’T GRAB WOMEN! Don’t grab them by the “pu$$y” as Donald Trump claims to do, and don’t “grab them by the brain” either. Ugh! A new campaign that aims to be a quirky take on Trump’s offensive and lewd comment is apparently meant to be empowering for women. But, it’s not. Like, at all. Why? Because no one should be “grabbing” women at all. By anything!

The “grab her by the brain” sitch first gained attention when actor Gregg Sulkin (Faking It, Pretty Little Liars) shared a pic of himself proudly showing off his hat as an “ambassador.”

First, WTF does this slogan even mean? We understand what they were getting at, but it really didn’t work. Second, DON’T GRAB WOMEN! Don’t grab them in any way, physically or metaphorically. Don’t grab them with your body or with your emotions. Don’t think that “grabbing” a women is in any way empowering for a woman. Don’t see women as things (!) to grab. Period.

Grab Her By The Brain

Describing itself as a “movement … that is dedicated to empowering females of all ages,” the group behind the Grab Her by the Brain slogan are selling baseball caps for the cause ($21), saying that proceeds will go to an anti-bullying charity called Boo2Bullying — though only 10 percent of the proceeds to be exact, and there’s also the fact that the org is not rated by any reputable charity websites and has only raised $428.78 for its cause.

Peeps are (obviously) not impressed…

And just like us, there are some who just can’t believe they have to keep saying it, but here we are…

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(h/t BuzzFeed; photos via Grab Them by the Brain)