Travel used to be such a stylish affair. It still can be, even with a furry friend in tow! You just need to hook up your favorite canine or kitten with a pet carrier that has a little extra something, ‘case you know, a well-traveled pet expects nothing less than the comforts of home while its owner racks up air miles. ;) These 20 pet carriers will give pampered pets a cozy spot to rest en route and won’t cramp your style.

1. Petagon by Teafco ($75): This posh pup carrier is a go-to for fashion-loving owners. That quilted honeycomb design is so on-trend.

2. Amelia Collection Carrier by Sherpa ($118): Faux leather trim and a lambskin interior make us want to curl up and be carried around inside this handsome pet carrier! This eye-catching design is perfect for a pampered pooch.

3. Argo Petascope Carrier ($135): Active pups and kittens will be ready to go for Olympic gold after a trip in this sporty carrier. While the design is super lightweight, this carrier doesn’t skimp on quality—the interior is fleece lined, and the carrier strap is well padded. Plus, it comes in a handful of bright colors like this chipper blue.

4. Lucy’s Luxuries Charlie Pet Carrier ($599): Even the most finicky of felines will approve of this luxe patent leather carrier. But watch out! Your cat may start demanding nothing less than tuna tartare for every meal after a trip in its plush interior. ;)

5. SoHo Pet Carrier ($190): It’s only appropriate that such a trendy bag would be called the SoHo Pet Carrier, which is a must have tote for artsy pet owners. This butter yellow bag is made out of animal-friendly leather, boasting a roomy inner compartment for Fido.

6. Cambridge Messenger ($190): Hipster pets will love cruising off the shoulder of their bike riding owners in this smart carrier. There’s even an additional pouch to fit a small laptop or tablet. Score!

7. Navy Stingray Leather Pet Carrier ($1,296): There’s no denying that this bag is worthy of being featured on the cover of Vogue, but you have to seriously love you pet to splurge on this statement carrier. Satin napping pillow not included! ;)

8. Reversible Pet Sling with Pocket ($40): Whether your pup is tuckered from scampering or just downright lazy, tout him around in this reversible sling. Each handmade carrier holds up to 20 pounds (sorry Bulldogs, you’re not getting a free ride!)

9. Wooflink Hipster 2 ($120): You know that bold colors are our jam, so we’re obsessing over these vivid colored carriers. It’s definitely a Brit-approved way to showcase your pup while you stroll.

10. Wicker Bike Dog Basket ($79): Here’s another great way to take your pooch for a stylish spin. With this canopied rattan basket lined in cozy sheepskin, you can rest assured your pet will enjoy the plush ride (in rain or shine!), especially since it comes with an adjustable safety leash.

11. Lookout Sherpa Lined Dog Car Seat ($90+): Yes, they make cozy carseats for dogs. That means…road trip! Turn on the radio and channel your inner Griswold. It’s time to buckle up and head to Wally World!

12. Bark-n-Bag Barkwell Classic Pet Carrier ($99): We have to admit: we’re totally mad for plaid! Relive your grunge days on your way to doggy daycare with this tartan pouch.

13. Snoozer Euro Pet Backpack ($60): We’ve said it before, backpacks aren’t just for high school students, and now, they’re not just for humans either! Instead of weighing yourself down with books and broken pencils, why not tote your four-legged companion around the halls…er, we mean the streets? ;)

14. Sleepypod Bed, Car Seat  and Carrier ($180): Why choose between a pet bed, car seat, or carrier when you can have it all in one awesome pod? The adjustable dome-shaped top means this tote is ultra versatile, making it perfect for both curious pups or cats that just want some privacy.

15. Zack and Zoey Vineyard Quilted Dog Carrier ($70): This might be the chicest pet carrier we’ve ever seen! You can bet your pet will appear just as timeless as they sit inside the berber covered bottom of this quilted, faux leather bag.

16. Zack and Zoey Sherpa Dog Carrier ($60): Doesn’t this pet carrier look something straight outta the UGG store? This furry bag is perfect for lugging your pooch around in cold weather.

17. Outward Hound Sling Pet Carrier ($50): This shiny pet sling is made of durable nylon that is as soft as it is sturdy. Plus, it has a safety clip that attaches to your pet’s collar so they don’t jump out while you’re strolling around the neighborhood. Courier-style carrying FTW!

18. M. Issac Mizrahi Gingham Dog Carrier ($220): The poshest of pooches will be lining up to jump in this carrier, made by the notorious fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. With this plaid number over your shoulder, you can definitely treat the sidewalk like a catwalk and strut your stuff. ;)

19. Hemp Messenger Dog Carrier by Doggles ($85): Eco-friendly and made from hemp, this messenger-style pet carrier is perfect for the pet with a green paw! You can choose between two sizes—one holds tiny pets up to 10 pounds while the other can accommodate heftier ones up to 25 pounds—each comes complete with a soft pillow, a cuddly blanket, and portable water bowl.

20. Ware Twist-N-Go Carrier ($18): Even though we love the stylish stripes, the main selling point on this patterned carrier has to be the extra large mesh windows. Its light, yet scratch-proof material is perfect for quick trips to the vet and when you’re back home, it folds away for easy storage.

What kind of pet carrier do you use to tote your pooch? Does style win out or do you go for ones with ones that focus on pampering your pet? If we missed any awesome pet carriers, tell us about ’em in the comments below!