Okay, we already know you can turn your Instagram photos into tons of stuff, like wrapping paper, View-Master-esque slides and lollipops, yes, lollipops. But we can never have too many options, so let’s throw another way of flaunting your pictures onto the pile. This one’s a little longer-lasting, a little higher end and something you might actually hang on your living room walls for years to come. And it’s made out of a piece of wood.

Photocarver is a German-based company that takes any one of your photos and turns it into a wooden relief. From afar, it looks like a black and white photo, but when you get up close, it’s one giant tactile experience. A series of lines and dots. A modern day wooden Georges Seurat, if you will. If you don’t like people touching your things, well, that might be a problem. Anyone who comes to your house is going to want to touch all those ridges and furrows. All the time. In other words, those who believe images should be seen not felt, need not apply.

If your interest is piqued, here’s how it works. You upload your favorite photo to their website. It doesn’t have to be from Instagram. (We just know you’ve got like a million on there, so it might be the best place to start.) Your image gets sent over the Internet to a studio in Germany. In that studio are two architects and a bunch of plywood.

There will be no hands whittling away at your soon-to-be wooden photo though. Milling machines do all the work. And you control the process. Like dots better than lines? They can make that happen. Through a series of lines or dots of varying thickness, the machines woodwork the pulp into a portrait.

The makers consider it a marriage of old-school craft and modern digital design. Needless to say, we’re fans.

Photocarver is far from the cheapest way to display your photos with pieces starting at around the $200 mark. But considering the longevity of this option compared to some of the others out there (that wrapping paper is going to get torn to shreds and the lollies are going to be sucked away), we think it’s probably worth the cha-ching.

Wood you be interested in Photocarver? Bark out your comments below!