What if your favorite Instagram photo could magically turn into gift wrap, directly from your phone? Our latest Indiegogo crush, PicPaperie, hopes to make this possible.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Instagram photos turn into real-life objects. We’ve seen books, ceramic tiles, sneakers, and more, but we have yet to see a good service allowing you to make custom gift wrap from your photos.

Of course, you can totally DIY gift wrap. You can turn your photos into a grid by laying them out in Photoshop, then head to Kinko’s to have them printed at a large scale so you can get a whole roll of wrapping paper, and then… wait, that’s a lot of steps and a whole lot of expense. Which brings us back to PicPaperie, a mobile app that just might add a whole lot of personality to those boxes under the tree.

Simply open up the soon-to-exist PicPaperie app, pick a photo from your Instagram feed, select a pattern that works with your photo, and press order. Days later you’ll receive your custom gift wrap! Pledge $25 to receive two 24×30-inch sheets (10 square feet of gift wrap, yo) and you’ll get it by November 27th. That means you can totally wrap Hanukkah gifts as well!

Custom photo gift wrap is a great way to bring back old memories or hint at what’s inside the box. Maybe you and your brother went on an awesome trip to visit your sister in Moscow years ago, and you finally found a place nearby that sells a particular Russian vodka. Wrap that bottle right up in a silly photo from your trip!

Now, there are other ways to get your custom gift wrap on. One of our favorite companies, Spoonflower, also offers a custom wrapping option. You can upload any image to their site have gift wrap printed in a jiffy. A 26×36-inch roll is $15, so on the slightly more affordable side. Not quite as simple as doing it from your phone via your Instagram feed, but you can also get wallpaper and fabric to match, if you like everything to match as much as we do ;)

Either way you shake it, this holiday season is going to be filled with custom gift wrap! Who knew those artsy photos of lunch would look so good on paper? ;)

What do you think of PicPaperie? Would you turn your photos into gift wrap? Talk to us in the comments below.