There’s nothing like rolling out of bed looking fresh — that’s why we’re such fans of #WokeUpLikeThis hair. This sentiment is especially true on Christmas morning, when the cameras will undoubtedly be pointed in your face (thanks, mom) and snaps will be instantly uploaded for all the fam + beyond to see, so you need to look pulled together FAST. The trick to waking up with lovely locks that require minimal freshening up in the morning is to style your hair *the night before.* We’ve shown you how to braid your locks before bedtime to get overnight waves, but there’s another technique that’s even easier to do — just throw your hair up into a super high, loose top knot to keep your day-before hair looking fab — aka pineappling. We love this insider hair hack for preserving a blowout, keeping curls intact andadding volume to the roots of your hair. It’s basically a Christmas miracle all wrapped up in… a scrunchie.




First, spray your hair with a volumizing spray for added lift and follow up with a heat protectant since you’ll be using hot tools. Next, curl your hair with the curling iron of your choice — for this look, we opted for a 1 1/2-inch barrel wand. Loosely wrap the hair around the barrel to mimic natural wave patterns. You don’t have to be perfect here!



Now for the pineappling: Flip your hair forward and tie your scrunchie loosely at the very tip-top of your head — not so tight that you’ll add a crease to your hair, but not so loose that it’ll fall out during the night. The closer to your hairline you can get, the better your style will stay intact and the more volume you’ll add.


Now, sleep tight while sugar plum fairies dance in your head!


When you wake up, remove the scrunchie, flip your head upside down to gently shake out your waves with your fingers and fling your hair backward like the goddess you are.


Set your style with some touchable hair spray, like Kenra Professional Volume Spray ($28). Using your fingers, comb through your tresses and admire your tousled waves — they’re perfect for snuggling and lounging in your fuzzy robe by the fire.


Christmas mornings are always more relaxing (and TBH, pics always turn out better) when your hair looks fab the second you wake up. Pineappling, you’re the gift that keeps on giving!

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Hair and Art Direction by Maritza Buelvas
Photography by Jennifer Coffey
Modeling by Nicki Pollack