Finding out that Pitch Perfect co-stars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin had found real-life romance together was just, well, perfect. When they announced their engagement, only Anna鈥檚 gorgeous engagement ring could top such a perfect match. Though the wedding plans are already in full swing, the pair took some time out to celebrate with friends for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party that looks like it was as awesome as it was rowdy.

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin

With besties (and co-stars) coming together over the weekend, the bachelor and bachelorette parties started off as two separate occasions. The ladies didn鈥檛 waste any time when it came to getting the party started.

Bachelorette fun with the beautiful ladies 馃挊#happycamper

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Anna posted a pic of her #girlsquad, saying, 鈥淏achelorette fun with the beautiful ladies #happycamper.鈥

And if you think one of those ladies looks familiar, you鈥檙e totally right. Anna鈥檚 Pitch Perfect co-star and IRL bestie, Brittany Snow, was there to not only celebrate with her gal in style鈥

鈥ut to also make sure the bride-to-be partied hard.

Anna obviously appreciated the effort and showed off her fancy footwork at the party. 鈥淭he ladies killed it!!!! 鈥ine dancing is the best ever #happycamper鈥

KILLIN IT at the Bachelor Party!

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And they weren鈥檛 the only ones who 鈥渒illed it!鈥 Skylar鈥檚 boys also took things over the top, but in a slightly different way. 鈥淜ILLIN IT at the Bachelor Party!鈥

This is the face of a guy who's about to rendezvous with his wife to be!!

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But it wasn鈥檛 long before this group of guys was ready to meet up with the ladies to bring the bachelor and bachelorette parties together for one awesome bash.

Nailed it.

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If the pair鈥檚 bachelor/bachelorette party was this much fun, we can鈥檛 wait for their wedding.

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(h/t Zimbio; photos via Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)

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