If your ideal Saturday night includes ordering in a pizza and painting your nails, well, Pizza Hut totally gets you — at least in Australia. Pizza Hut Australia released a limited-edition nail polish line for Valentine’s Day, and while the combo of fast food and beauty are unlikely, we think this is one idea that should migrate over to the States. Hey, people thought stuffed-crust cheese pizza was weird at first, right?


As you can imagine, the names are pretty spectacular, cleverly tying in items on the menu: Sparkle Supreme (red confetti polish), Say Cheese (bright yellow), Aloha Boys (hot pink) and Dough You Need Me (nude), to name a few.

If you’re hoping to hunt down some of these limited-edition polishes on eBay, it might be a little tough. Only 30 sets were released, awarded to customers who penned the best pizza-themed poem. Boys may come and go, but pizza lasts forever. Well, until it goes bad… or you eat it all. But you get the idea.


This isn’t Pizza Hut’s first beauty idea. Back in 2012, the brand released a fragrance that smelled like pepperoni and cheese, in an effort to capture that smell of a pizza box being opened. But for some reason, people just didn’t want to smell like a pizza box, and the gimmick fell a bit flat. Maybe they should just stick to creating delicious pizzas… and a glitter nail polish or two.

What do you think of Pizza Hut’s marketing idea: cute or corny? Tell us in the comments.

( h/t BuzzFeed, photos via Pizza Hut Australia, Bandt and Pizza Hut Canada)