We’ve been on a DIY beauty kick recently with homemade face masks, lip balms, and face scrubs. But there are so many more things you can DIY in your kitchen to use in your beauty routine. Here are a few of our favorite makeup essentials, hair products, and a few luxuries, too. We think an at-home spa day is in order, now!

1. DIY Berry-Yogurt Mask: Not only will this mask taste delicious, the berries in it will help fight free radicals, making your skin glow. Score! (via Whole Living)

2. Homemade Foundation: We’re on the fence about this one. It’s appealing to make foundation out of ground spices, but it might be hard to get the perfect shade. (via Thank Your Body)

3. DIY Salt Spray: Make those beach summer waves last into the fall without dropping a ton at the salon. This homemade spray is incredibly quick to whip up. (via The Wonder Forest)

4. Ultra Moisturizing Avocado Hair Mask: Give those split ends the royal treatment with this nourishing hair mask. We predict shiny locks in your future. (via Bespangled Jewelry)

5. Homemade Face Scrubs: We came up with recipes for every skin type. Plus, they’re good enough to eat! (via Brit + Co.)

6. Tightening Green Tea & Grapefruit Toner: Best for oily or combination skin, this toner really clears away any extra oils. Just be sure to rinse your face after using. (via Rhythm of the Home)

7. DIY Eyelash Serum: Skip the medical treatments with long lists of side effects in favor of this smart DIY. You’ll never guess what common kitchen ingredient you should be using. (via The Beauty Department)

8. DIY Shaving Bar Soap: Meant to be used with a shaving brush, this bar soap has a better lather because of the added white or French clay. You’ll also find recipes for shave gel and cream here. (via Wellness Mama)

9. Natural Bubble Bath: Take a load off with this DIY, lavender scented bubble bath. (via Paula Parrish)

10. Coconut Rose Body Scrub: This sweet scented scrub makes a great gift when packaged in a mason jar. (via The Beauty Department)

11. Solid Perfume: Become your own perfumer with this tutorial for making solid scents. You’ll never suffer through the wrong perfume choice again! (via Oh My Handmade Goodness)

12. Dry Shampoo: This is a step above sprinkling your hair with baby powder. Make your own spray able dry shampoo and avoid that powdered wig look. (via Hookable Designs)

13. Homemade Bath Bombs: Don’t mistake these for perfect (and non melting) ice cream scoops. They are actually fizzy bath bombs that you can scent with your favorite essential oil. (via Petit Elefant)

14. DIY Beet Powder Cream Blush: Who knew our favorite root vegetable could color our cheeks as well?(via Yum Universe)

15. Oatmeal Lavender Bath Soak: Another great way to relax, this simple soak is a far cry from the oatmeal bath you had to take when you got chicken pox as a kid. (via Always Order Dessert)

Do you have a favorite DIY beauty product? Tell us about it or which of these you’ll be trying in the comments.