Air travel can be uncomfortable for most people, let alone those that struggle with flight anxiety. Experts say that the best way to deal with freaking out at 30,000 feet is to get yourself mentally and physically ready before you step on the tarmac. For example, try to buy your plane ticket well ahead of time, choose the seat that makes you feel most comfortable and learn some in-flight yoga exercises to stay relaxed. Using pro tips to pack your carry-on so that you know exactly where everything is will also make your flight feel more predictable. But don’t just pack the common travel essentials like an extra sweater and a toothbrush — take these 12 products with you to really kick your flight anxiety’s butt.


1. Start Each Day With a Happy Thought Journal ($18): When your anxiety is heightened, one of the most cited pieces of advice is to remind yourself of everything you know about your anxiety. Keeping an anxiety journal, like this pink and positive knockout, can help you take control over your mind and stay calm throughout the flight.


2. Mad Libs Fun in the Sun Box Set ($6): Flying with a loved one is a great way to lessen flight anxiety. If you’re lucky enough to travel with your bestie, try breaking out some old school games like Mad Libs to take your mind off flying.


3. Snuggie Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow ($25): When you’re high in the sky, sometimes the best thing you can do to calm down is take a nap. This Snuggie travel neck pillow is ultra-plush and comes with a convenient hoodie to make you feel more secure.


4. When the Last Choice Sheet Mask ($7): According to beauty vlogger Zoella, who has flight anxiety herself, doing a face mask on a plane is a great way to keep you and your skin happy. This no-fuss mask has a coconut jelly base for super hydration.


5. Brit + Co. Modern Crochet Kit ($39): Keep your hands and mind busy on a long flight by packing this all-inclusive modern crochet kit. Not only will it keep your mind occupied learning a new skill, but you’ll also have a cute DIY bowl by the end of the trip!


6. Very Cherry Minimergency Kit ($16): An in-flight hang nail, small cut or accidental red wine stain can definitely add to your already heightened state of mind. Pack this fully stocked Minimergency Kit to combat just about every beauty and small emergency you can think of.

Don_t_Worry_Be_Yonce (1)

7. Perpetual Shade Don’t Worry Beyoncé Sleep Mask ($69): Channel your inner Bey while you get some relaxing zees with this stunning sleep mask by Perpetual Shade.


8. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling ($7): When struggling with sudden anxiety, experts say it helps to bring your mind back to a state of childhood calm. After a few adventurous pages about your fave Hogwarts trio, you’ll be well on your way to mindfulness (and totally caught up for the new release this July!).


9. Modcloth Beauteous Backup Battery Pack in Colorblock ($35): With so many awesome relaxing apps and jams on our smartphones, it’s an absolute necessity to keep our lifelines charged during a long-haul flight. This colorblock backup battery pack charges an iPhone 5 up to 80 percent and an iPhone 6 up to 50 percent for maximum chill time.


10. Colour Me Good Hip Hop Coloring Book ($13): We love a good coloring book as much as the next person, but you can only color so many mandalas before you start to go insane. For a relaxing alternative, try this hip hop-inspired book.


11. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones ($300): Whether the person beside you is super chatty or you just need a little break from the constant air conditioning hum, these Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones are totally worth their hefty price tag since they almost perfectly block out unwanted noise.


12. Bad Ass Whipped Body Butter ($10): Say goodbye to the dry cracked skin that drives you crazy on a long-haul flight. This awesomely titled and super moisturizing body butter will give you all the confidence you need to be a badass flyer.

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