Plants can be very temperamental. Too much sun dries them out. Too much water drowns them. Then some people even talk to their plants to give them extra encouragement. Planty takes a lot of the hassle out of trying to decipher what your plant wants, and you never have to talk to it — unless you want to.


Planty is a smart pot that’s already reached its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter, because it’s just that clever. Planty is WiFi connected and takes information from the soil and keeps tabs on your plant’s temperature, light and water levels. If your plant’s next to a window that’s getting cold, you’ll get an alert on your phone. If it’s thirsty, you’ll know it right away. No more guesswork.


Inside of Planty is a water tank, so you can tap to water it from the app no matter where you are. That means you don’t have to find a plant sitter for long trips. Over time, Planty learns more and more about your plant and its ideal conditions. If you have other smart devices in your home, Planty can connect with those too to learn more about interior growing conditions.


Whether you want a flower for your desk at the office, some fresh basil in the kitchen or an air purifying plant on your bedside table, Planty will make sure that you’re growing like a pro. Pledge $99 to their campaign, and you can have your very own effortless garden.

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