Is your green thumb surviving the creeping chill of winter? Did it even survive the summer? In case you’re not the greatest when it comes to gardening, we’ve got a solution. Actually, we’ve got 10 of them. These self-sustaining planters for indoors and outdoors are sure to grow your buds year-round, no matter what color your thumb is.

1. Modern Sprout ($140-220): Inside this sleek, simple window box planter is a micro-hydroponics system that feeds and waters your plants to keep your herbs lush, lovely and delicious. With the help of an air pump and some sunlight, you can delight in growing your own herbs and spices from your home all year.

2. Cube Planter ($32): No more yellow basil. No more wilted daisies. Bring some green to your kitchen window or office with this little self-watering planter. It works with a built-in reservoir that aids your plants in four weeks of growth with no need for any extra care from you. The clear container will make you appreciate the growing process even more.

3. Grobal ($14-$20): Not only are these planters self-sustaining with plant food and a window to monitor water levels, they’re also gosh darn adorable. We’d like to line a kitchen window with one in every color.

4. Grönpeppar ($5): If you didn’t guess from the name and the smooth minimal look of this planter, it’s from IKEA. It’s not super techy, instead it’s pretty straightforward. With two stacked pots and carefully placed holes, your plant stays hydrated but doesn’t drown.

5. Garden Tower ($218-400): The Garden Tower Project’s second Kickstarter met their $30,000 goal in 30 minutes, so we’re pretty sure they’re on to something. This vertical planter lets you grow 50 plants in four square feet of space. It’s perfect for growing herbs and veggies, and you don’t even have to do much to them. There’s a tube down the center that bring nutrients to all of the plants, and while it doesn’t water itself, when you pour water down the center, it’s going to all 50 plants at once. Get it while it’s discounted on Kickstarter!

6. Herb Pot ($45): This translucent pot fits seamlessly into almost any decor while also watering your plant with nylon “roots” going from the base to the soil. Just glance in the bottom of the pot once a week, and if there’s no water in it, refill. It’s as easy as that.

7. TriPot ($43): This stylish floor planter is made of recyclable plastic and waters your plants for up to two months without a drop from you in between. There’s a water level indicator, so when your plant does need some hydration, you won’t have to count on your spider senses.

8. Sky Planter ($25-$40): We’ve seen sky planters before, but what makes this one unique is that inside is an internal reservoir system that hydrates your plants without any drip, and it uses 90% less water than sitting pots. You only have to water this hanging beaut once a month, so you can spend most of your time just enjoying your plants.

9. Pikaplant Jars ($60): This is a terrarium that’s actually easy to keep alive. Inside these curious jars — that totally remind us of medical experiments in cartoons — are all the nutrients and humidity your plant needs to thrive. Granted, this planter is not for just any bud. On their website, the company has outlined the prime candidates for this jar botany.

10. Self-Watering Planter ($50): We’re back to the planting classic — terra cotta. There’s a reason it’s an old reliable in the world of botany. It’s porousness is great for growing thriving plants, and this pot uses an irrigation system in which the plant draws water from the tube in the center only when necessary. We could easily see this sleek planter as a year-round centerpiece.

How do you keep your plants growing all year? We’d love some tips in the comments!