You know spring? Yeah, well we’re ready to get that season started. Bright colors, breezy clothing and blossoming gardens — you’ve been seriously missed. We’re counting down the days by working out our green thumbs from the comfort of our apartments with some indoor gardening. Check out our top projects and products to get your indoor garden started!

1. Coconut Hanging Planter: Who needs a spring getaway? A little planting, a little painting, a little coconut snacking — these DIY planters are a mini vacation, and the souvenir is this gorgeous floating garden. (via Poppy Talk)

2. Indoor Compost Garden: Put your kitchen scraps to work! Turn your veggie leftovers into a dreamy indoor compost garden. (via Gardenista)

3. Herb Garden in a Box: Get your friends in on the gardening action with this DIY garden. It’s the perfect gift or party favor to put everyone into the spring-gardening spirit. (via You Are My Fave)

4. Plastic Easter Egg Planters: Little gardens everywhere and a stylish second life for your Easter decorations! Turn plastic Easter eggs into perfect little planters. (via Paper and Stitch)

5. Typography Garden: Say it with flowers! We can’t wait to use this typography trick for themed party centerpieces. (via A Subtle Revelry)

6. Vertical Garden Wall Hanging: Crunched for space? Put the outdoors onto your walls without sacrificing surfaces. (via Refinery 29)

7. End Table Garden: Turn an everyday planter into a moveable end-table garden. Perfect for when you’ve got the spring redecorating bug. (via Smile and Wave)

8. Mason Jar Herb Garden: Install this adorable kitchen garden sink-side so you have easy herb access for fresh-from-the-garden recipes. (via Camille Styles)

9. Koubachi ($130): Your black thumb days are a thing of the past with Koubachi, a geeky garden gadget that works as your garden’s babysitter. Stay up to date on your plants’ needs via your phone.

10. Pallet Garden: Why shouldn’t your balcony double as a backyard? Get your foliage fix and take up minimal space with this DIY pallet garden. (via Life on the Balcony)

11. Terrariums: So vintage, so gorgeous. The whimsical ’70s godmother of indoor gardening, terrariums (and lots of them) are a must. (via Brit + Co.)

12. Plant Markers: Keep your new kitchen garden organized and snazzy with these easy DIY kitchen-themed plant markers. (via Lovely Indeed)

13. DIY Clothespin Planter: These homey, rustic planters have that vintage farmhouse look without all the vintage-store scouring. (via Seventh House on the Left)

14. Mason Jar Sprouts: Looking for a quick edible gardening project? These crunchy sprouts are ready in just four days. They could be on your salad before the end of the week! (via Garden Therapy)

15. Stone Fruit Pineapple Planter ($40): It’s a classy costume party… for your plants. Get your daily fruit fix with these swoon-worthy pineapple-themed planters.

16. Clay Plant Labels ($20): Who said your garden couldn’t be hip?

17. Cocktail Themed Container Garden: The bartender is your garden, and he’ll be hosting your next cocktail party. Fresh mint mojito, anyone? (via Organic Gardening)

18. DIY Painted Terracotta Pots: For nights when you’re not sleeping under the stars, sleeping under a ceiling garden is just as dreamy. (via Lovely Indeed)

How do you bring the outdoors in? Let us know in the comments below!