As soon as the sun comes out, we get the urge to buy a handful of seeds and flowers and start digging around in the dirt like little kids. And while planting a garden is always an exciting process, it’s picking out the cool garden accessories that has us excited this year. With stylish colors like copper and mint, these garden tools have us swooning. So whether you’re planting your very first garden this spring or you’re buying gifts for a seasoned gardener, these 10 garden essentials will satisfy the green thumbsand the design lovers.

1. Glass Plant Mister ($14): Ideal for delicate orchids and ferns, a mister is a great tool for your indoor plants so they get watered without drowning.

2. Mint Garden Tools ($40): Because… color dipping.

3. Copper Hand Trowel ($59): Not only is it gorgeous, but the blade also deposits minute amounts of copper that help to repel slugs and snails. So you’re essentially doing your garden a favor by splurging on this beauty. Oh, and did we mention it can be monogrammed? Sold.

4. Garden Scissors ($20): Whether you’re choosing veggies or arranging a big bouquet of flowers, a handy pair of shears will work way better than the kids’ craft scissors you’ve been using.

5. Yellow Watering Can ($20): Sure, you could use a hose, but this is so much cuter.

6. Copper Weeder ($59): The looped blade of this weeder ensures you don’t have to work too hard when you’re digging up those pesky thistles.

7. Pocket Snips ($10): Great for snipping herbs or cutting a mini bouquet, these pocket-sized scissors have a spring mechanism and plastic handles so they’re easy on your hands.

8. Brass Watering Can ($34): Indoor garden, outdoor garden, it doesn’t matter. You definitely won’t mind having this stylish watering can sitting around the house.

9. Plant Pot Tamper ($12): Worried about packing the dirt too firmly? A happy plant begins with good soil, and this pot tamper helps create the perfect environment for your seeds.

10. Copper Plant Markers ($18): You’ll never forget what you planted with these shiny copper beauties. The markers also come with a grease pencil so you can clean them off and reuse them again year after year.

Are you planting a garden this season? Talk to us in the comments below!