After 37 snapshots, five different angles and three different filters, your Instagram finally garnered 11 likes. It’s satisfaction at its finest, no doubt. But if you feel like your photos are worthy of a another home — a real home — then you’re going to want to check out Blipfoto.

Blipfoto is your personal online photo journal, where images can be made public or private. If you make them public, other “Blippers” can follow, comment and favorite your journal entries. By now you’re wondering how this is different than Instagram. Brace yourself: You can post only one photo per day. The purpose of the limit is so each day is represented with a single, memorable picture. If you only get to post one pic per day, you’re going to choose wisely.


If you live in US, you’re probably wondering, “Where has Blipfoto been all my life?” Well, it was mostly chillin’ in the UK. Blipfoto has actually been around for over a decade now, but it particularly blew up as a great success in Europe. Recently, Polaroid and Blipfoto rang in 2015 by teaming up, rebranding and re-launching the site together in hopes of spreading Blipfoto more across the globe.


The Blipfoto global community is all about being “excellent to each other.” (Bill and Ted’s reference, much?) So it doesn’t matter whether you’re the Picasso of photography or just a point-and-shoot type of gal. There’s no room to judge because the photos you post are solely for you to look back at and remember fun memories. That being said, if you are DSLR savvy or even iPhone 6 savvy, Blipfoto hosts photo contests where you can win Polaroid prizes.

The site likes to refer to itself as the “friendliest place on the Internet” where people come together and celebrate all aspects of life. So if you want to join the Disneyland of social media, you can sign up for an account on their website and get started on your first photo of the year.

What’s your first photo going to be of? Do you like the idea of having a limit of one post per day or do you still prefer Instagram? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Digital Trends)