Oops, Polaroid did it again. And this time stickers, video, and digital color filters are involved. Last time we gushed about Polaroid, it was about the Z340, a handheld instant camera that lets you preview photos before printing, and even has a memory card. And just two weeks ago, we swooned over the Impossible Project’s latest project, the Instant Lab, which allows you to print photos from your phone with one handy device.

But now that we see the Polaroid Z2300, we are at a whole new level of Polaroid love.

At it’s simplest, the Z2300 is a digital camera that makes sticky-backed instant prints at the push of a button. At it’s most complex, the Z2300 is a 10MP digital camera that allows you to crop, add borders, and use color filters to totally customize photos before printing. Print photos for friends, and save them for digital sharing later on. So easy!

The paper used is Premium ZINK paper that can’t be accidentally exposed and costs less per shot than Polaroid film.

Plus, it doubles as a sticker!

The added bonus with this handy dandy camera is that it also records video! It even mounts on a tripod. It’s got everything you need in an adorable classic Polaroid package. We’re loving the return of the iconic Polaroid rainbow stripe.

You can snag the Z2300 with 10 prints for $160 over on Photojojo, or with 110 prints for $205. Either way, it’s a steal and pretty much the best camera for a night of partying we’ve ever seen.

What do you think of the Z2300? Any other instant cameras you’re currently swooning over? Talk to us in the comments below!