To get 100+ likes on one of your Instagram pics just post one of the following: #BombDotCom food from an underground restaurant that none of your friends know about, cute animals that are #SoFluffyImGonnaDie, beautiful scenery with #NoFilter, a totally #FashionForward #OOTD or an aerial photo of your laptop, handwritten notes and a coffee mug showing off its foamy #latteart. Of course, capturing the perf square-frame shot takes more than one try. Most of the time, none of them make the cut — but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad photo. So what do you do with those? You print them and display them with Frameworks One — an LED-backlit wooden frame that brings life to your photos.

It all starts with the Frameworks app. Just download it, upload the photos you want to print and pay. Leave the rest to Frameworks. All Frameworks’ photos are printed on semi-translucent pro-quality paper called Duratrans. This allows the LED light to shine in the exact same spot the natural light shines in your photo. You can even purchase and send printouts of your photos to friends and family listed on the Frameworks app.

This 10″ x 10″ frame can show off your photography skills on your desk with elegance. Or, you can hang it and add a unique edge to your wall. You can even toggle around with the dimmer to create the ideal brightness for your masterpiece.

Frameworks’ design was inspired by old vinyl records, and the pictures are easily interchangeable. If you want to switch out one image for a different one, just remove the lid, slide out the current picture and slide in the new one. All of your prints come individually tucked into sleeves that resemble vinyl sleeves.

You can start displaying your picture perfect photos in your very own Frameworks One with a $99 pledge on their Kickstarter. One of their pledges will even get you a print of your choice with an autograph from Swedish Instagram star Christoffer Collin. His shots are seriously #flawless and are sure to bring his traveling adventures right to your home.

What kinds of photos would you display on your Frameworks? We want to read all about it in the comment section!