Think back to the last time you were caught outside your home or office with a dead cell phone. The thought probably brings up all kinds of bad memories. Maybe the outage led to missing out on that amazing new brunch spot because your Google Maps couldn’t navigate you there. Or perhaps you couldn’t consult your calendar and it made you miss a deadline at work. Nobody likes getting caught without power but sadly, our smart devices sometimes run out of juice before we make it to an outlet. Enter the Power Grid. This stylish handheld block provides that power on the go.

The device, made by Tego Power is packed with features. The LEGO-like look might remind you of your childhood, but this dual output power bank is all grown up. It comes in black or your choice of three bold colors and features clean lines and compact design.

If you have a tendency to procrastinate or if you do a lot of traveling, $60 for the gadget could be a worthy price to pay for the pretty priceless service of always having your devices charged. Out of the box, the Power Grid is 80% charged and ready to deliver power to your devices. It’s compatible with any USB device and it can even charge two devices at once or fully charge one device twice.

As if it weren’t already your new best friend for giving your techy stuff power anywhere, the Power Grid is incredibly user friendly. When not in use, it automatically powers off after seven seconds, saving the charge for when you need it most. A smart LED bar shows you how much power the grid has left so you’ll (hopefully) never be caught without a charge ever again.

What’s the one device you can’t leave home without? Do you carry backup charging devices with you? Let us know in the comments below!