The folks at Lego knew about the trend of color blocking way before it was even a thing. As we spend this week celebrating color block in all of its many forms, we turn to the original color blocker: Lego! Here are 25 unusual Lego products, from ice cube trays to DIY cameras.

1. Build-On Brick Mug ($25): As you wait for your coffee to cool, build a teeny tiny world right on your desk. You can even trick out your mug and add wheels.

2. Lego Ice Bricks Tray ($10): Plain old rectangular ice cubes are totally out of style ;)

3. Wooden Legos (contact to order): How gorgeous are these? Who knew Legos could look so rustic?

4. Lego Brooch ($24): Geek chic at it’s most colorful. We love the pixelated look and would love to try making one of our own.

5. Lego Alarm Clock ($80): This nostalgic alarm clock would make a great desk accessory or nightstand decor. You can even stack it with the Lego Boombox!

6. Lego Water Bottle ($15): There’s definitely something a little twisted about taking off a Lego dude’s head to hydrate, but we like the playfulness of these funny water bottles.

7. Lego Lunch Box ($15): Bonus points if you can make your lunch look like a modern piece of artwork as well.

8. Propane Lego Head: Propane tanks do look like Lego heads! Such a genius move for adding a little pep to your barbecue. Just make sure your paint dries overnight before using. (via Instructables)

9. Lacie Brick Hard Drive ($86): Technically, Lacie isn’t making this anymore but you can find it via resellers on Amazon and eBay. It’s such a fun change-up to the typical hard drive, and multiple ones click together.

10. Lego Moleskine Notebooks ($10): We are on board with pretty much anything Moleskine does and this charming notebook is great for folks who like the play in 3D as well as on paper.

11. Lego Clutch ($260): That’s right. An entire clutch created out of legos! Though we like the pixelated look, we think this could look pretty darn chic in all black.

12. Darth Vader Lego Head Lamp ($18): The force will be with you, even on the darkest of nights :)

13. Stackable Silverware ($16): Get a little utility out of your love for Legos by adding these to your picnic basket.

14. Lego Ear Buds: Why these are not available anymore is beyond us, but we’ll include them on this list anyway. Maybe a DIY is in order?

15. Lego CD Boombox ($44): Now this is a serious throwback. It’s a Lego boombox, complete with a handle for rocking out like only your ’90s-loving self knows how.

16. Lego Luggage Tag ($10): Want to make your suitcase stand out from the crowd? Or at least the tag that identifies it?

17. Lego Silicone Notepad ($11): These gummy-like notebooks were inspired by Legos and come in just about every color. We love the idea of keeping them stacked together on a bookshelf.

18. DIY Lego Key Holder: There are actually TONS of DIY Lego goodies online, but we had to include this one because it looks like something you could actually buy! (via Minieco)

19. Lego Digital Camera ($50): We’ve featured this one before, and we’ll likely feature it again. We love the combo of old school building blocks with new school photo tech.

20. Lego! No! Print ($30): How cute is this? Bookmark for Valentine’s Day, or any occasion where you want to get your special someone a funny print.

21. Taxidermy Lego Kits ($28): This strange take on taxidermy would be the perfect subject for a Lego Vine!

22. Lego Men Soap Set ($6): These adorable soaps would make great stocking stuffers for kids and adults alike.

23. Lego Pull Piñata: This has to be the perfect piñata for the little ones. It would be doubly cute if you threw in a few Lego characters as well. (via Delia Creates)

24. Lego People Ice Cube Tray ($9): Lego people in ice cube form. I smell a Lego-themed jello shot in the works… ;)

25. Lego Brick Ring ($5): Time for a little retro geekery! Yes, this is begging for a DIY but at $5 a pop we can’t resist snatching up a few Lego rings in our favorite bright hues.

Did you play with Legos as a kid? Still love ’em? Talk to us in the comments below.