All it takes is a quick scroll through Etsy to see how soap has become one of the most beautifully packaged products around. But we’ve done enough swooning over luxe-looking wrap during the holidays, so now we’re getting straight to the goods. These 12 gorgeous soaps don’t need pretty packaging to be noticed—their unique shapes make them stand out from the pack all on their own. Practical? Not entirely, but they’ll surly to stun as sink centerpieces.

1. Soaprockette Bar Soap ($10): This glycerin rock soap boasts dreamy layers of soapy strata. Soothing lavender and camomile add epic fragrance.

2. Pleated Soap Bar ($15): We have to say, even though this soap might be the least practical in the roundup, we’re kind of nuts about its quirky zig zag shape.

3. Felted Soap Bar ($15): Have you ever tried using felted bar soap? The wool coat not only acts as an ace exfoliator, but it also intensifies the lather. We’d keep any one of these cool coated soaps by our kitchen sink.

4. Star Anise in Shea Butter Soap ($8): If you see the world more in black and white than in color, this soap is for you. Amp up the minimalist aesthetic and stack these in an all-white bathroom.

5. Cylinder Soap on a Rope ($16): Since when did soap on a rope get so darn chic? These cylinder soaps are a perfect way to please kiddos with something playful at bathtime and not ruin your modern aesthetic.

6. The Bower Studio Bird Skull Soap ($8): Creepy or cool? We kinda think both, but that won’t stop us from putting a bird (skull) on it.

7. Spice Woods in Shea, Cocoa, and Mango Butters Soap ($8): With bold colors and organic, swirling shapes, we’re not gonna lie: we could stare at this soap for hours. This color palette is everything.

8. Soap Stones Set of 7 ($48): This gem-cut soap set is the perfect gift for your tub-obsessed friends. Set the ones you’re not using next to lit candles to create a spa-like mood.

9. The Bower Studio Amethyst Crystal Soap ($8): If you’re fans of geo everything, it’s time to freak out over this crystal cut soap. While its appearance is tough, this cragy bar soap is made with moisturizing oils and scented with soothing lavender.

10. Set of 3 Soap Cones ($22): This sculptural soap set is all kinds of gorgeous. Line ‘em up along the edge of your bathtub to get the full effect.

11. Woodgrain Shea Butter Soap ($6): If there’s a man in your life with an eye for design, then wow him with this wood grain soap. Add an extra special touch with a custom fragrance.

12. Soap Rings (email to order): We can’t think of anything more luxe than ring shaped soap! Just imagine slipping these on your fingers and lathering until they’ve dissolved into suds. Bath time was never so glamorous.

What are your favorite beautiful and unique soaps? Tell us in the comments below!