Move aside, garter belts, this new peekaboo accessory is even edger than lingerie. Show a little leg with your next big (or tiny) tattoo and flaunt those killer thighs! These 12 flirtatiously placed tats prove that just because a tattoo is striking doesn’t mean it can’t be meaningful. A quick scroll through these pretty thigh tattoos will make you really wish it was shorts weather.


1. Flower Power: Bring back the whimsy of those sweet temporary tats with delicate florals that act like a flower crown on your thigh. (via @soltattoo)


2. Roman Numerals: Serious and sexy are one in the same. Whether you’re marking time or have some serious digits to display, this subtle tat is sure to keep your sentiments secret while highlighting those legs. (via @tattooist_ida)


3. Technicolor Pony: Show off your free spirit with a watercolor horse, repping a fierceness that can’t be broken. (via @sashaunisex)


4. Danity Script: Flash your mantra inside and out with a tat that reminds you of to be daring on the daily. (via @horu_tattoo)


5. Sun + Moon: Wear your love uniquely, representing the sun and stars in your life with these asymmetrical tats, symbolizing you and your loved one. (via @tiny_tasteful_tattoos)


6. Bluebird: Celebrate motherhood with a tattoo displaying a nurturing love. (via @alicerules)


7. Antlers: Honor your rustic side with this tiny woodland tat, showing you’re always ready for an adventure in the great outdoors. (via @tiny_tasteful_tattoos)


8. Furry Friend: For the feline enthusiast and lover of all things pets, carry around a reminder of your furry friend as a fun way to display unconditional love. (via @soltattoo)


9. Romantic Rose: Who needs a bouquet when you’ve got these beauties? Add a little romance to those gorgeous gams with a flower that symbolizes love.


10. Mayan Pattern: Add some spice to your thigh with a band inspired by an intricate tribal design. (via @poonkaros)


11. Pitter-Patter: Shout out to the one that makes your heart thump with this subtle heartbeat tattoo. (via Styles Time)


12. Sunburst: Display a passion that rivals the sun, and stamp your upper thigh with vibrant sun tattoo. (via Tatspiration)

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