31 Tiny Ankle Tattoos With Big Meanings
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31 Tiny Ankle Tattoos With Big Meanings

Even the tiniest of tattoos are a big, permanent decision, and there’s a lot that goes into your decision to get one: You think long and hard about what will inspire the tattoo and where you’ll put it, and you may even try on a few temporary tattoos to see how it’ll look on your skin. Whatever your process is, you know you don’t need a huge piece of ink to have a profound impact — even the smallest tattoo can make the statement you want it to. Check out these 31 tiny ankle tats that were designed with a special meaning in mind.

1. Celestial Imagery: The universe at large inspires inquisitive minds. It also reminds us of how small our problems truly are. Let a little ink help you keep things in perspective. (via @ambiibambi24)

2. More Blooms: It’s just as pretty as it is tough. This flower tattoo blends both sides of the wearer’s personality. (via @sashaunisex)

3. Bloom: A flower can represent just about anything: new life, a special bloom, a loved one’s favorite blossom. Choose a flower that speaks to you in the same way. (via @doodle.popo)

4. Foxy: The cunning fox might be representative of your own bright mind, or it might just be your favorite animal. Either way, a tattoo like this one makes quite the impression. (via @sashaunisex)

5. Milestone Tat: Okay, you probably don’t need a tattoo to remember an album or world tour, but there’s no shame in getting a small tattoo to commemorate your own achievements. (via @bangbangnyc)

6. Spiritual Side: The recipient of this tattoo used mountains to represent the strength of a higher power, but you can assign your own meaning. (via @missrene2u)

7. “With You, Without You”: This particular tat juxtaposes the presence and absence of love, but it’s definitely open to interpretation. (via @bangbangnyc)

8. Grow like a Weed: Ask any gardener, and they’ll tell you the most resilient plant is the weed that keeps growing back. Of course, your tattoo doesn’t have to look as unbecoming as a real weed does. (via @janinalaila)

9. Words of Wisdom: The quote that inspired this tat was, “Have courage and be kind. Life is too short to wait.” Think of the words that most inspire you and ink away! (via @natalie_chio)

10. Tell a Story: This simple stick-and-poke tattoo outlines a constellation, but it’s one that inspired a Greek myth. Your favorite story surely has its own representative symbol too. (via @horseforest)

11. Anchors Away: Let go of whatever’s holding you back — or at least let your new anchor tattoo be a reminder of what to leave behind so you can set sail. (via @highvoltagetat)

12. Knee-High: Sometimes an ankle tattoo isn’t enough to say all you want to say. This bohemian pattern serves as a completely gorg representation of your free spirit. (via @noramoerch)

13. Good Vibes Only: A dream catcher captures any bad dreams in its web before they reach you and disturb your sleep. A tattoo of one mirrors the see-no-evil concept, for a little extra resilience. (via @what_does_it_mean)

14. Light the Night: Shining bright in the darkest of nights is an ability both you and the moon may share. (via @zoehomewood)

15. Feminist: Say no more — this symbol is all you need to tell the world you’re proud to support equal rights between men and women. (via @eyads_tattoo_project)

16. Uniquely You: No two snowflakes are alike, which makes a tiny snowflake tat a great celebration of the fact that you’re unlike anyone else. (via @justsmalltattoos)

17. At the Helm: This wheel serves as a reminder that you’re the captain of your own ship. (via @justsmalltattoos)

18. Shine Bright: Gemstones represent birth months, luxury and the value of spending a little extra time making something shine. (via @tattooist_ida)

19. Heart It: The smaller the heart, the bigger the love. Outwardly express what’s in your heart with a tiny, heart-shaped tattoo. (via @only_cute_tattoos)

20. Young + Fortunate: The crane has multiple meanings throughout Asia, where it’s a symbol of happiness, never-ending youth and good fortune. The forever ink is reminiscent of the long lifespan of a crane. (via @iraghavsethi)

21. Fly Away: A paper airplane’s path is unpredictable, as is the brave act of flying on your own. (via @justsmalltattoos)

22. Your Direction: Arrows point us in the right direction, and a tattoo of one can keep you focused on whatever goal you’re chasing. (via @opalrain)

23. Flaunt It: Ribbons are the perfect topper to any present, and you, dear one, are quite the gift. (via @gz_tattoo)

24. Lotus Flower: Buddha compared himself to the lotus flower because it grows not in soil, but in water, thus leaving it unsullied by whatever happens on Earth. (via @sprinkle_sparkles)

25. Forest or Trees?: Remind yourself to look at the bigger picture and principles of life, rather than getting caught up in small details that won’t mean much tomorrow. (via @cleanlines)

26. Clean Triangle: The triangle encapsulates many meanings: Depending on which way it’s drawn, it can be used to represent your masculine or feminine energies. (via @adelaidhawkins)

27. When Paths Cross: Stories start when two paths cross, and this simple tattoo could be the perfect reminder of a meeting that changed your arrow’s course. (via @ellis_mm)

28. To Be Continued: The semicolon is a symbol for suicide prevention — symbolically or otherwise, the story continues. (via @amyrosebrown)

29. Look Forward: The laurel was used in Ancient Rome as a symbol of triumph, its branches used to make crowns for accomplished warriors, scholars and poets. (via @_park_tae_)

30. Nurture > Nature: Let the world know your stance on this two-sided issue with a tattoo that shows loving hands in action. (via @sohyun0617)

31. Wheat Up: Wheat has many literary and spiritual meanings, but most often it’s a symbol of both charity and love. Let this golden grain represent who you are. (via @minitatt)

Is one of these designs your dream tattoo? Tell us what you want — or show us what you got — in the comments below!