We’re not against wrap. We’re not against wrappers, but we are against those thugs who kick it with everyday candy wrappers you’ve seen a million time, especially for a rad holiday like Valentine’s Day. We know you’re way more fly than that. At one time, these wrappers were definitely in the top ten, so allow us… ahem… to bump them again.

Alright, let’s move it, move it.

 – printable “wrappers’ delight” template (download here)

– white copy paper

– Hershey’s mini chocolate bars

 – color printer

– X-acto knife

– glue stick or removable tape


1. Print the template and cut out each wrapper on the dotted white line.

2. line up on the chocolate bar and put just a tiny dab of glue or removable tape (so people can see the artists’ names when they unwrap them.)

3. Press down edge of wrapper to secure.

We decided to wrap up our Valentine’s Day printable series with these fun 90’s hip-hop inspired chocolate wrappers.

First, cut out each wrapper on the dotted line.

Then place and fold them around the chocolate bar.

Add a small dab of glue or removable tape—not too much, or they will NEVER see The P! (Moment of silence for 2Pac.)

Uhhh! Na na na now you’re ready to display them prominently on your desk or give them to your coworkers and watch their faces light up!

Mmmm! I do love it when you call me big poppa and I would love to ride on a fantastic voyage—no diggity, no doubt.