Reigning holistic queen Gwyneth Paltrow’s new favorite oil is pumpkin seed oil. If you love natural skincare and just being generally fabulous, you likely follow Gwyneth like a hawk. Between her cookbooks, lifestyle blog, celebrity associations and eternally being the girl who (unofficially) walked away from Brad Pitt, we get why Gwyneth will never, ever fade. Naturally, when we noticed the liberal use of this pigmented oil while browsing her cookbook, It’s All Good, we had to investigate further.


Why should we include this green oil into our regimens (besides the fact that Gwynnie does)? Well, the famed, Dr. Mercola makes a strong case for the stuff: “One-quarter cup of pumpkin seeds contains nearly half of the recommended daily amount of magnesium, which participates in a wide range of vitally important physiological functions, including synthesis of RNA and DNA, the pumping of your heart, proper bone and tooth formation, relaxation of your blood vessels and proper bowel function.” It also supports sleep, immune systems, heart and liver health as well as the overall anti-inflammatory benefits. Did we forget that you can get your omega-3s from this little seed too? It’s also completely vegan.


Will Gwyneth be selling pumpkin seed oil at the goop store? Our best guess is — yes.

What’s your favorite cooking oil to use? We can’t decide.

(Photos via Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty, Handout, h/t Style Caster)