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If drinking a glass or two of wine gives you headaches, facial redness, or a general hangover-ish pain, you’re just like the 70 percent of drinkers who suffer from wine allergies, and there’s finally a cure that doesn’t involve giving up the beverage for good (because yeah, right!).

Wine allergies are caused by two naturally occurring components in wine: histamines (chemicals that are made by our immune systems and found commonly in aged or fermented foods and beverages, like wine) and sulfites, which are often added to wine to preserve it. Men and women of all ages can suffer from wine allergies, but they can also be triggered by genetics, diet, and certain drugs.

PureWine‘s gadgets remove those allergy-causing components without compromising the taste. Stir your glass red or white with The Wand ($10 for a pack of five), or filter an entire bottle with The Wave ($10). The tools draw out the drink’s irritating sulfites and histamines, so you can enjoy wine without experiencing symptoms.

The Wave and The Wand, made of BPA-free plastic, have filters containing absorbent resins (a sticky organic substance) that absorb histamines and sulfites without releasing any chemicals into the wine. Attach The Wave to the top of your wine bottle to filter it as you pour it into a decanter, or use The Wand to stir the allergens out of your individual glass of wine in three to eight minutes.

You can use The Wave and The Wand on all red and white wines; The Wand also works in rosé and sparkling wines, but the stirring might reduce the bubbles. Both are recyclable, single-use gadgets, and they’re available individually and in packs of five or more. And now, we toast to all the wine without the headaches.

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(Photo via PureWine)