E-cigarettes are legit. Going cold turkey is for the bravest of the brave. But the newest tool to help you quit? A lighter. We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t that kind of like buying a cake pop machine when you’re on a diet?

We admit, initially the idea of using a lighter to quit smoking doesn’t make much sense. So let us explain. The device is called Quitbit, and it’s designed to help you manage your smoking habits. This smart lighter tracks how much you smoke, tells you how long it’s been since your last cigarette and helps you set goals to fight future cravings… we’re definitely living in the 21st century, y’all.

The device — created by two Brown grad students — works with a reduction algorithm, which automatically reduces your number of cigarettes over time, making the transition to quit easier. The high tech lighter‘s accompanying app (which works with iOS or Android) lets you view a detailed breakdown of your habits and share progress with friends as well as a community of other Quitbit users.

If you don’t think a number on a screen is going to be enough to help you kick the habit, you have the option to make Quitbit stop working after you’ve smoked the allotted number of cigarettes for the day (if only this worked for cookies), leaving you with no way to spark up, unless you revert back to the BIC. While this sounds ideal, keep in mind you can override these settings at any time. So if you’re craving another and Quitbit tells you no, you can change its mind with a simple swipe. Like fitness trackers — which the device was modeled after — reaping the rewards of this gadget is solely up to you.

As far as replacements go, you’ll never need one. Rather than using a flame, Quitbit uses a heating coil, like a miniature version of the lighters found in cars. It’s also fully rechargeable. The battery lasts one week or approximately 100 lights before you have to plug it in.

If you still need a little convincing to offset the $129 cost, the lighter also tracks how much money you’re saving with your reduced smoking habits. So really it’ll pay for itself in no time.

We won’t say that Quitbit is the answer to all your tobacco tendencies. The only way this lighter is actually helping you quit is by aiding in some self awareness and discipline. It’s designed for those who want to make a gradual change or pair it with another quitting method. When it comes down to it, Quitbit is still going to light your cigarette. It’s just going to make you feel a little more guilty when you smoke more than your daily limit.

Quitbit is in the midst of a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter and has already achieved over 75% of its goal. If all goes as planned, the first Quitbits should be on doorsteps by December of this year. Take full advantage of the little guy, and who knows? Maybe the only thing smoking by Christmas will be the chimney.

How do you guys feel about using a lighter to stop smoking? Would this help you kick the habit? Let us know in the comments below!