We absolutely adore when fierce folks take chances with their hairstyles, a la amazingly artistic undercut tattoos and radiant rainbow hairstyles, which is why we’re all about Aliya Askarova’s rainbow cat undercut. Yes, rainbow cat undercut.

The Russian stylist posted a pic of the colorful coif creation to her Instagram account showing off the skillful shave that spotlights a blue kitty against a pink background. Kate Laserb, who was lucky enough to receive the cat-themed cut, also posted proud pics with the caption, “My sleepy cat with me always 💘”

No doubt you’ll need to be the brave sort to sport this ‘do, but we’re sure that if you go for it, you’ll be the funkiest, cutest thang around!

And, honestly, it looks just as adorably awesome from the front, especially with those perfectly matching specs.

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(h/t Bored Panda, photos via Aliya Askarova/Instagram)