There’s no denying that shaving off our hair and getting a tattoo are scary AF. But what if we told you that you could achieve both without any real commitment with an undercut tattoo? Now let’s be clear — these aren’t your run-of-the mill temporary tattoos. These buzz-cut beauties will definitely last you longer than a day. But you have the freedom to decide when and where you wanna rock this look, and covering it up is as simple as letting your hair down. So get ready to book your next (or first) partial buzz cut, and scroll through these 10 undercut tattoos that you can show off at any summer musical festival, then cover up for work on Monday.


1. Side Shaved Flower: Add some detail above one ear, giving your fierce style a softer edge. Fun fact: In Hawaii, a flower above the left ear symbolizes marriage, and above the right means you’re single ;) (via @mruknow)


2. Woven: If it’s your first time trying the undercut tattoo trend, try a design on the simpler side, like this modest woven shave. (via @harklippetimora)


3. Lotus: In Chinese culture, the lotus symbolizes purity and perseverance. Give your shave some big meaning, like you would with a real-deal tattoo. (via @maquality)


4. Sunflower: For double the impact, pair an intricate floral design with rainbow-colored locks. With this winning combo, you’ll truly be making the hair statement of the year. (via @bescene)


5. Subtle lines: Want to start out small? A few diagonal lines add the perfect subtle touch, with minimal commitment and regrowth issues. (via @prang_preeyanuch)


6. Tribal Pattern: Tribal tattoos are so ’90s. Update the geometric designs of yesteryear with a graphic shave at the nape of your neck. (via @amycavell)


7. Minimalist: Shaved and subtle are one in the same here. Try out some clean lines in a straightforward undercut for some understated style. (via @freakmdz)


8. Zig Zag Fade: Zig zags are seriously popping up everywhere this year! Redefine the fade with these two little shaves at the bottom of your neck — anyone daring enough to mix this with the zig zag part hair trend? (via @_lzonline)


9. Diamond: Shine bright like a diamond with this geometric ‘do. Who else is digging those ‘90s-inspired pigtail buns? (via @caitlintyczka)


10. Arrows: Wanna show off your free spirit? These multi-directional arrows showcase (on the DL) that, for you, all roads lead to new possibilities. (via @hairflvweb)

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