Coachella has officially kicked off and that means music festival season is upon is! In addition to stocking up on all the budget-friendly style essentials we can get our hands on, we’ve just found THE coolest hair trend to try out this summer. Introducing secret rainbow roots — the perfect balance of subtle and rebellious. Let’s all take a moment of silence to admire this super cute photo!

Hair stylist Brittnie Garcia is a master when it comes to creating stunning unicorn locks and now, she’s blowing us away with these hidden pops of color.

Simply choose how many strands you want to color and how many hues you want to use. The dye will then be carefully placed, ensuring your rainbow roots become visible with every subtle head movement, making everyone super jealous. They’ll also have you feeling like you’re part of a fierce Beyoncé video 24/7.

Just as cool is the fact that you can easily hide your bright roots at work on Monday morning or on your way to dinner with the in-laws. Win-win!

It’s only a matter of time before this unique trend sweeps the country from coast to coast and Garcia has already dreamt up version 2.0. It’s slightly more rebellious but still an aaaamazing idea for a summer ‘do. Check out this secret neon undercut. We repeat: Neon undercut. #OMG

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