You know you need ramekins, but you don’t exactly know why. Aside from creme brûlée, individual mac n’cheese cups (awesome!), and makeshift cereal bowls, what can a ramekin do for you? The answer? Make you an instant hostess with the mostest in the form of all sorts of DIY dessert, appetizer, and snack bars.

Amp up your next dinner party, movie night, or happy hour with one of these fun DIY bars. The best thing about a food bar is that all you have to do is prep your ingredients, set things up in a lovely way, and your guests can do all the dirty work! :) Plus, everyone gets to flex their culinarily creative muscles. A chocolate donut hole dipped in caramel sauce with powdered sugar and sea salt? Yes please! We teamed up with Target to show you how it’s done, in three different ways. We’ve got a DIY Popcorn Bar, DIY Donut Hole Bar, and a more classic DIY Bruschetta Bar.

And if you’re getting married soon, you already know you need to register for platters, pitchers, and muffin pans. After you read this post, you can go ahead and add 10 (or 20?!) of these ramekins to your registry as well! Now, let’s hit the bar(s)!

DIY Popcorn Bar

The key to this bar is a mix of savory and sweet. That way, your guests can make something that fits their mood and flavor profile. We’ve got savory on the right and sweet on the left. And yes, those are Junior Mints!

The magic is in the mix-ins!

– olive oil

– walnuts

– basil

– sun-dried tomatoes

– pine nuts

– corn nuts

– parmesan cheese

– Junior Mints

– Reese’s Pieces

– cinnamon sugar

– chocolate sauce

– caramel sauce

– shredded coconut

You can do so many different combos, but we went with a savory one of basil, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and pine nuts. Yum!

Of course, there are some serious sugar addicts among us. For them we combined chocolate sauce, shredded coconut, walnuts, and Reese’s pieces for a perfect combo of sweet and salty.



Boom! Make a custom popcorn perfect for you.

DIY Donut Hole Bar

How fun are all the colors in this one?! #allsprinklesallthetime

We used an old recipe for spiked frosting from our Strawberry Santas to kick this bar up a notch. Dip a donut hole in your sauce of choice, then top with sprinkles. It’s as easy as that!

What made this bar so awesome:

– chocolate dipping sauce

– spiked vanilla frosting

– caramel sauce

– powdered sugar

– TONS of sprinkles!



So many varieties… and so much sugar.

This one is our favorite. It’s SOOO Brit + Co!

So we decided to make an entire cake of them.


DIY Bruschetta Bar

Finally, we went with a more classic DIY scene. Bruschetta!

Cut up your bread, toast it, and prep your veggies and toppings.

Here’s what rocked this bruschetta bar:

– heirloom tomatoes

– mashed avocado

– artichoke hearts

– arugula

– basil

– scallions

– chopped peppers

– red onion

– pine nuts

– asiago cheese

Pine nuts are so… buttery! Mmmm.



We made a bunch of different bruschetta bites, and they were promptly consumed by everyone here at Brit HQ.

Which bar is your favorite? What other ways do you use ramekins? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Target Wedding Registry.