The first thing you need to know? We made spiked frosting. That’s right. Fluffy white frosting with booze in it. Epic. Seriously. If you do nothing else in this tutorial, make this frosting and dip some strawberries, cookies, and cake pops in it. So good.

Ok, now to the Strawberry Santas! We’ve seen these all over the web and they’re too cute for us to resist putting our own tipsy Oreo-obsessed spin on ’em. And what spin is better than one that could potentially give you the spins? ;)

 – 1 dozen strawberries

– 1 dozen Oreos

– 1 can of fluffy white frosting

– 4-6 oz whipped or marshmallow vodka

– 4 tablespoons powdered sugar

Tools: piping bag + piping tip, toothpick

First, we’re gonna make our frosting.

Place a can of frosting in a bowl. Add vodka 1 shot at a time. We ended up using about 6 oz (3 shots) but it totally depends on your frosting so add 1 shot at a time. Add powdered sugar 1 tablespoon at a time until your frosting has thickened up and is back to a normal frosting consistency. Pour into a piping bag.

Now, to prep your santas. We used an oreo as black pants. All these bottomless santas we’ve been seeing online are downright risqué! Set an Oreo down on your cutting board. Cut the stem off one strawberry. Then cut off the top, which will be your hat.

Spread a thin layer of frosting on the Oreo. Then place the strawberry large side down. Use a strawberry huller or paring knife to pull out a little scoop of the strawberry (the more spiked frosting, the merrier!). Pipe a bit of frosting in so it’s just overflowing a little bit. Put the hat on and let the frosting drip a little bit out the sides. This is santa’s beard!

Use a toothpick to add frosting buttons. And you’re done! Keep in the fridge before serving.

How adorable? Even just to make a few!

What Christmas classics and inventions do you have up your culinary sleeve? We’d love to see what you come up with. Talk to us in the comments below.