Whether you鈥檝e got the next few years of internships and jobs all planned out or you鈥檙e still trying to decide what you want to be when you 鈥済row up,鈥 graduation can be a terrifying time. You鈥檙e probably going to receive about a hundred cards, all with words of wisdom from friends and family, but we think our favorite Southern belle has some pretty solid advice for tackling the next stage of #therealworld. In an interview with Vogue, Reese laid it all out, from what to say to an unwanted proposal to always keeping lipstick in your purse.

1. Keep Things in Perspective: Life after graduation can be pretty terrifying, especially if you鈥檙e not sure what鈥檚 coming next. But to put things in perspective, Reese says the life experience she felt most nervous about was giving birth. See? Now that job interview doesn鈥檛 seem so terrifying. (via @draperjamesgirl)

2. Tell Your Mom Thank You: What鈥檚 the advice Reese gives to her kids? 鈥淟isten to your mother!鈥 Yep, whether you want to admit it or not, your mom was probably right about everything. Your next step into maturity can be acknowledging all the wisdom that wonderful woman brings to your life. (via @reesewitherspoon)

3. Carefully Consider Your Style Choices: If there was a yearbook for Hollywood, Reese thinks she would be named 鈥渓ife of the party.鈥 And although she鈥檚 now queen of the pool party, Reese said she has some high school regrets: namely, tan hose. And the dress she chose for prom? You guessed it: a red dress with tan hose. We definitely think she learned her lesson, because she rocks the red carpet with her style choices. And when asked what the best fashion trend ever is? She picked skinny jeans. (via @reesewitherspoon)

4. Be Honest in Love: Looking for a little relationship advice? Reese says the best first date idea is to go rollerblading. As for anyone who might be approaching the big marriage question, Reese offers some great advice for people not quite ready to 鈥減ut a ring on it.鈥 She says, 鈥淏e honest, tell the truth and be prepared for them to leave.鈥 (via @reesewitherspoon)

5. Never Stop Reading: Just because school is over doesn鈥檛 mean you should put away the books for good. Make sure you keep reading, especially books that will help keep you inspired and creative. Reese鈥檚 gorgeous home boasts an enormous library of books that aren鈥檛 just there for show 鈥 she reads them all. (via @reesewitherspoon)

6. Bring Lipstick: Finally, before you head out into the big scary world of jobs, resumes and cubicles, Reese says lipstick should be a staple in every girl鈥檚 bag. Red, purple or pink 鈥 pick the color that makes you feel most confident and get ready to rock those interviews. (via @reesewitherspoon)

What鈥檚 the best advice you鈥檝e given (or received!) when it comes to taking on the real world? Share your advice with us in the comments below!