Although Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County may be 10 years old (WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!), some of the castmates have reached dream-BFF status, remaining in our lives this whole decade. (Hey, Lauren <3) Just because it’s been a decade since the show debuted, giving us a peek into the lives of the OC seniors doesn’t mean the LBHS crew’s shenanigans aren’t still relevant for today’s seniors (uhhhh, and us post-grads) to recreate. It’s time to make the final high school countdown a memorable one before you pick up that diploma, making it officially “dunzo.”


1. A Black + White Affair: The hotel party that kicked off the entire series is totally as suitable for a theme today as it was back in 2004. Just like Taylor Swift (and this reality show), black and white “never go out. of. styyyyyle.” Book a room (or an Airbnb), invite your gals + guys — leaving some space for the “We forgot yous,” right, Morgan? — set a dress code and get ready for an unforgettable shindig to say bye.


2. Beach Bonfire: Every high school clique has traditions, and this West Coast gang’s was a beach bonfire on the reg. If you live near the shoreline you’ve also probably hit the sand and started a bonfire more than a few times too. And if not, graduation is right around the corner, so what are you waiting for?! Have no fear, landlocked friends, as you can improvise with a fire pit, some DIY shirts and s’mores for the same effect ;)


3. Take a Trip: Throughout the series, the group of friends took various vacations. Because high school is stressful, okay? Some of the most memorable, though, were Cabo for spring break (“What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo,” and don’t you forget it), Christina auditioning for Wicked in NYC and camping on Catalina where Stephen dressed up as a bear. Make your own memories with your besties by picking a spot for the weekend to enjoy each other’s company for one last weekend of bonding.


4. Promposal: Before you work it in a cap and gown, a night of dancing comes first. Shoot your partner the LB group’s promposals so they have an idea of how to ask the big “Will you go to prom with me?” question correctly. Then pick out the perfect dress, organize a limo, attach a unique boutonniere on your date, take plenty of pictures and have the night of your high school life with the class of [insert your grad year here], because graduation is right around the corner.


5. 18 Candles: A lot of the Laguna Beach cast turned 18 during the series’ first season, and you future high school grads are most likely there also. Since one themed party won’t be enough for the year you turn the big 1-8, your bday is the perfect reason to go all out again. Other than impressing all your buds with a far-out theme, delectable food + bevs and a sick location, make this electric candle to blow out your cake and their minds.


6. Bands, Concerts + Festivals! Oh, My!: While it’s sad to realize Blink-182 isn’t still around to actually recreate the concert scene from the show, there are countless other options for you to enjoy some live music with your friends before parting ways come summer or fall. Coachella may have passed, but there are so many more choices (that are actually affordable) besides the celeb-favorite fest. Check out the lineups and get your road trip on for one final hurrah.


7. Make aVideo Yearbook: Yeah, you can purchase the physical yearbook your school puts out, but why not go the Laguna route and make a personal video with your friends that you can look back on and watch at your 10-year reunion together? Just like Lauren, Stephen, Lo, Trey, et al did, share your hopes and dreams for your futures and your fave memories over the past four years. It will totally make you tear up now and in a decade.


8. The “First to Go” Party: No one ever really wants to be the first of the friend group to head off to college, but someone’s gotta be #1. Before that happens, get all of your friends together one last time before moving into the dorms with a backyard BBQ — accessorized with tie dye placemats + cornhole — so you can guarantee a side of fun with those tears.

Bonus: If all of those Laguna traditions don’t satisfy your group’s final months of bonding calendar, try throwing a fashion show a la Stephen, Trey and Dieter, or whip up some dinner with your bestie and SOs like Kristin and Jessica.

Now do yourself a favor and binge watch LC + Co’s senior year immediately.

How would you recreate Laguna Beach for your final days of high school? Let us know in the comments.

(Featured photo via Michael Muller/MTV)