Unless you’ve been living under a rock since seeing Pleasantville and Cruel Intentions in the theater, you know that Reese Witherspoon is a southern gal. The New Orleans-born + Nashville-raised star gave us more of a sugar high than you get from sweet tea when she announced her ode to the south lifestyle site Draper James earlier this year. After teasing us over the past couple months about what was to come through some tap-worthy Instagram reveals for the launch, the site has finally gone live. Part shopping, part good ole southern appreciation, the site is one of the most interesting projects Reese has served up since the bend + snap circa 2001.

Draper James is all about the grace and charm Reese was raised with growing up in the south. It is a mix of commerce — featuring everything from home decor items, gifting options and stationery + paper to accessories like handbags + wallets, jewelry and clothing produced by the company and smaller southern-based makers — and straight-up lifestyle content with a down-home twist.

The site is not just a place to buy pretty things, but was created with the hopes of introducing the masses to the talented and diverse people of the south. While a first click through the site is mostly just glimpses of Reese, the homepage and individual site sections are all serving up some very serious southern hospitality. Editorially, Reese has shared tips on throwing the perfect luncheon, documented a NOLA trip (food recommendations + all!), given us answers to the “Draper James Seven” — a soon-to-be regular questionnaire providing insight into southern style makers — and even posted shareable southern girl quotes. Ms. Witherspoon isn’t playing around, y’all.

After going down the rabbit hole that is Reese’s blogging, the next natural step is to hit up the shopping. Prepsters, you’re in luck. With pearls galore and monogrammed errything, Draper James just might be coming for Lilly Pulitzer and we’re not mad about it. Here are a couple shoppable picks you just might tip your Derby hat to:

1. Brunch Essentials: Picking up red Solo cups and paper napkins are fine for an average Friday night party, but when it comes to Sunday brunch you should bring out the impressive tabletop pieces, like these southern sayings cocktail napkins ($85, set of four) or the customizable mint julep cup ($100).

2. Floral + Quotable Tops: Perfect for summer, the garland tank ($150) will be turning heads whether you’re at the polo lounge or running to the grocery store while the graphic tee ($58) will totally be popping up on every sorority girl’s Instagram feed come fall rush week.

3. Totes Adorable: For obvious reasons (it’s totes adorable) it’s time to give up plastic for good in exchange for this phrase-accented bag ($155). Then, before heading out to dinner or a gala, throw that crossbody floral bag ($250) over your shoulder for head turns all night long.

4. Brunch-Ready Attire: Whether you’re headed to the races, the shore or a wedding during the summer months, either of these — the circle dress ($285) or the lace skirt ($225) — (and Draper James’ entire clothing collection, TBH) make for the perfect pre-Labor Day everyday attire.

5. Accessories for Any Occasion: You can still be subtle and cute in your style even with big accessories. Try either the gold riding belt ($100) or the sunhat ($140) to complete any luncheon look no matter the day of the week or season of the year.

What will you be buying from Reese’s Draper James? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via @draperjamesgirl + Draper James)