Resume, curriculum vitae, bio or self-promotion: No matter what you call it, it’s the first step toward landing your dream job… or a series of rejections. In today’s job market, a concise one-pager in MS Word isn’t always enough to stand out from the crowd. The tough part is figuring out how to go creative without driving your resume over a cliff. We’ve got 20 creative resumes from applicants who totally nailed the job search by flaunting their uniquenessand their professional skills.


1. Facebook Page: Get creative with a format that everyone is familiar with, and make it you. Social media can take you places. (via Lauren Brouat)


2. Sewn Fabric: For the job hunter who’s not threadin’ around and really wants to strut their skills, this is one resume that someone will want to literally hold on to. (via Melissa Washin)


3. Magazine Style: This creative cover story may get your foot in the door, especially if you think you’re the write person for a job at a magazine. (We had to!) (via Behance)


4. Box of Chocolates: If you’re a seasoned baker, show off your multitude of talents by turning your resume into a box filled with your homemade confections. (via Taxi)


5. Subway Map: Your life is a journey, and this resumé puts that metaphor to work as a subway map. All you aspiring urban planners and engineers, take note. (via Demilked)


6. Interactive Webpage: Who needs more dry material? Get the attention you deserve with a fun, interactive webpage. This guy modeled his after Super Mario World. As you “progress,” you’ll level up, getting more details of the candidate’s life and experience. (via TNW)


7. Facebook Photos: ‘Cause we all know employers check Facebook pages. Tech lovers rejoice in this uber-creative presentation, compiled from Facebook photos. (via Facebook)


8. Google Analytics: This interactive resume is built as a website that cleverly mimics Google Analytics. We can’t think of a better way to demonstrate your understanding of online marketing, graphic design abilities and HTML skills. (via Simone Fortunini)


9. Self-Branding: Forgo the bells and whistles, and take a minimalist approach to get your point across. (via Behance)


10. Chart: Type-A personalities will find this resume succinct and to the point, in a clean and modern way. (Mashable)


11. Typographic: If typography is your thing, what better way to express your interests than with a resume like this one? Go bold, design-happy and honest in a beautiful way. (via I Am Shakira)


12. QR Code: Put your best tech face forward with this quirky QR Code-enhanced resume. Consider setting up your QR Code to link to your LinkedIn profile, a YouTube video showing your latest project or an audio version of your cover letter. (via Behance)


13. Booklet: Inspired by a simple IKEA ad, this self-contained booklet nails it in the creative resume department. The booklet includes the architect’s cover letter, imagery of his work, his philosophy of work and his contact info, including a selfie and a detailed, traditional resume. (via Modative)


14. Box: Go ahead, and think “outside the box.” You’ll definitely get results. (via Business Insider)


15. Hand Fan: Easy to hand out, small and it’s also a portfolio — needless to say, we’re a fan. (via Short List)


16. Evolution: This savvy art director looked to pens and pencils to show her career evolution. It’s simple and to the point. (via Odee)


17. Self-Promotion Pack: Can we talk about that key-shaped thumb drive? Simple in design, this vibrant, self-branding idea reads like an infographic and packs a punch in execution. (via Behance)


18. LEGO Resume: If you build it, they will give you a job. Perhaps that was the inspiration for this totally cool resume constructed entirely out of LEGOs. (via Brit + Co.)


19. Self-Contained: Get ready to put on your suit and tie. This envelope unbuttons to reveal a self-contained resume that takes on the look of a suit. (via Behance)


20. Hand-Lettered Envelope: If you want to grab a potential employer’s attention, get it right from the start by sending your curriculum vitae in a beautiful, hand-lettered manila envelope that is bound to make a lasting first impression. (via Good)

Spill your secrets on how you landed your dream job. Give us your best resume ideas in the comments below.