There are so many reasons to love Reese Witherspoon, from her killer acting chops to her undeniably charming Southern style and adorable lifestyle brand. We’ve got to hand it to the girl — she did teach us some pretty valuable life lessons; Legally Blonde is a treasure trove in and of itself. But beyond the screen, there’s much to be learned from Reese’s style game as well. Reese is seriously the epitome of “stars who are just like us,” given her off-duty looks and her love for Insta — she is truly one of us, y’all. There are so many reasons to love her. For one, she’s never one to shy away from wearing leggings to the supermarket. Secondly, her ability to mix pretty prints, in a world where neutrals are currently reigning supreme, is the stuff of legend. Scroll through for some of our favorite fashion lessons from the queen herself.

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1. Say yes to prints. Miss Witherspoon isn’t afraid to stand out. That’s why the number one thing we’ve gleaned from obsessing over her style is to not shy away from bold prints. Tip: This style looks best seaside with a mojito in hand.

2. Pants don’t always have to be skinny. Don’t be a pant shamer. The skinny fit has been the most popular pant silhouette in recent years, but if you’re not a fan of the body-hugging fit, don’t fret. Take a page out of Reese’s book and grab a bootcut, cropped shape and pair it with wedges for a perfectly polished capri day.

3. Bright colors are everything. We know Reese isn’t afraid to play with colors and patterns. Draw inspiration from her Southern Belle style and add some color to your wardrobe. We promise you’ll smile more.

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4. Prints are totally HR-approved. Reese taught us that working out gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t kill their husbands (still true). Now, Reese is giving us another work-related lesson, this time in boardroom-ready gear. You might feel like those oh-so-preppy patterned blouses are too “loud,” but do yourself a favor and have some fun with your office fashion.

5. Denim skirts are boss. Reese was everyone’s early-2000s girl crush, amirite? 2001 was prime time for not only Reese’s film career, but also for so-ugly-it’s-cute fashion. Ignore the trends of the moment and dust off that denim skirt, because nostalgic fashion pieces are alive and well. #AccordingtoReese, we never have to let go of these lovelies.

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6. Always add a pop of color: Without color, life would be pretty drab. That also applies to your wardrobe. Condolences to all you black-wardrobe-only girls, but a brightly colored something can do a lot for your outfit and your attitude. Reese does this super well by adding a brightly colored shirt, nails or a handbag to her more neutral outfits.

7. Embrace the graphic tee. Graphic tees are no longer reserved for kids. Reese is a prime example that the casual trend is all-inclusive, perfect for young and more mature folks alike. Wear them with pride, but choose them selectively. Throw a few into your gym uniform rotation, wear them on casual Friday or use a graphic tote to do your shopping (it’s environmentally friendly too).

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8. Black on black can be where it’s at. While our girl Reese obviously can’t stay away from bright and bold colors, she also can appreciate the simplicity of an all-black outfit. Whether it’s an incognito workout look or an I-got-this power ensemble, wearing black on black says so much, with so little effort.

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9. Dress like you’re on vacation. If there’s one thing Reese does exceptionally well (let’s be honest, there are about a million), it’s rocking vacation-inspired outfits on the regular. There’s something to be said for a woman who always looks like she just got back from a tropical island. Dress like you’re on vacation, feel like you’re on vacation and live like you’re on vacation every day, because happiness never goes out of style. Thanks for teaching us how to do life right, Reese.

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