With so many amazing places to see in the world, it can feel like a waste to revisit the same spot multiple times — even if you absolutely adore it! But most great travel destinations are worthy of a repeat visit, and staying somewhere you love a second or third time can mean less FOMO, more comfort, and a chance to experience the things you might’ve missed the first time around. Still feeling guilty? Scroll on for four great ways you can make a repeat trip feel totally new.

1. Switch it up. Revisiting a fave destination gives you the chance to do things differently and can make your visit feel like an entirely different trip. This may ring true if you’re heading back to a spring break hotspot (from your wild college days), traveling solo for the first time, or jet setting with your S.O. instead of your family. Make a point of uncovering new restaurants and bars, museums, and activities you didn’t experience the first time around. Even visiting during a different season can provide you with an opportunity to really mix things up — especially with the different weather, special events, or temporary art exhibits! You’ll have fun challenging yourself to explore outside of your last itinerary.

2. Discover a fresh perspective. You can also experience your destination in a totally new light when you flip the script — and maybe even integrate a new theme. For example, if you spent your first Budapest trip scoping out historical sites and museums, try returning with a goal of spending more time enjoying the cities’ wellness hubs. Or if you resorted it up in Hawaii the first time, try revisiting with a more adventurous spirit. Book an off-the-beaten-path Airbnb property, rent an SUV for mountainous adventures, and sign up for activities that fit your refreshed travel focus (late-night snorkeling, anyone?). Experiencing a different type of travel in the same spot will not only keep things fun and exciting, but it will also give you a brand new perspective of a place you thought you already knew.

3. Enjoy some downtime. Traveling is fun, but it can be exhausting too. One of the nicest things about repeat travel is it takes some of the pressure off to see and do *everything* — as you probably crossed some top-priority items off the list on your first visit. You’re also more likely to feel more comfortable because you more or less know what to expect. These factors may mean that your second visit brings some much-needed chill vibes and allows you to de-stress by helping you feel like you can skip the jam-packed museums and overcrowded and tourist-filled streets. Instead, you can feel great about choosing to indulge in a spa treatment, reading on a secluded beach, or enjoying a late-night swim. You’ll relish the relaxing vibes.

4. Revisit your fave sites. Re-experiencing a familiar destination is probably one of the best parts of returning to a place. You’ve probably been taste-dreaming about that authentic Neapolitan pizza or perfectly tangy Thai noodle dish since you left the first time. So, even if you switch it up and travel with the intention of finding a fresh perspective, don’t forget to block out some time to reconnect with your old faves. You’ll be glad you did — especially if you get to introduce your top regional picks to someone who’s yet to experience their magic.

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