The struggle is real when it comes to organization around the home. You can have containers of this and containers of that, but what really works? We checked in with Katie Mesia, an architect and expert on sustainability, to see how she keeps spaces organized with everyday household items. Go check your trash can or recycle bin right now! You might just find a few items that can be saved and reborn in an organized kitchen, or even your decluttered bathroom or office. Before you drop major cash at the Container Store, check out these four repurposed organizational hacks.


1. Cutlery Tray: Okay sure, these are a no-brainer in the kitchen for keeping your cooking tools organized. But just imagine what this guy could do for a desk drawer or a bathroom. All your new makeup and brushes can stay neat and clean in this beauty.

2. Ramekins: Katie tells us, “These are great for bathrooms. You can store small countertop items in these little guys.” They are the perfect size to stash things like bobby pins or cotton balls. Their sleek design will really class the place up too! If you don’t have spare ones, do inventory of what you do have. Got a matching set of bowls or cups you never use? Think about repurposing those in the bathroom.

3. Cake Pans: Cake pans are not just for baking. Katie suggests using these pans to store things in cabinets in the kitchen. “I put all my spices in a cake pan. That way when I’m cooking and need spices, I just grab the cake pan and have everything I need.” If you don’t have a cake pan, this is an item that you can easily score at a thrift store for super cheap.

4. Lids: You may have some storage boxes or Tupperwares organizing things in your place right now, but the lids are languishing. “Sometimes you put a lid on the box and forget what it was that you put in there. Or the lid doesn’t quite fit after you fill it with items,” said Katie. So what do we do with the lid? Katie suggests, “The lid is a great way to organize pens or pencils in a junk drawer.”

Katie’s last tip is to purge first. “There is no sense in organizing a bunch of ‘stuff’ you don’t actually use or need.” Katie suggests purging and making piles. Each pile can be dedicated to a container. Once this step is done, you will know how many containers you need and it will be easier to put things away. And once everything has a home, you’ll be happier and so will your things.

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