Sure, we鈥檝e streamlined many things in our life (see: 鈥渢here鈥檚 an app for that鈥). But all too often, we鈥檙e slowed down by clutter in our own home. How many mornings have you left the house already stressed by messiness? That鈥檚 life, and it will happen. But with smart and simple organizing in a few key places, you can save that mental energy for things that matter 鈥 like killing it at work and pursuing creative endeavors.

We鈥檙e partnering with IKEA to teach you tricks for the rooms you start and end your day in: the bathroom and the bedroom. First up: a bathroom that still houses *all* your products 鈥 no matter how small the space 鈥 without the clutter or headache. These simple tips will go a long way toward your peace of mind, and you鈥檒l be skating through your daily routines in no time.

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Here鈥檚 how it works: We challenge you to spend 20 minutes every day for a week (or a month!) doing something creative that is out of your ordinary routine. Ideally, we鈥檇 like you to do this in the morning or evening, so you can see how a quick creative exercise affects the start or end of your day, especially if you鈥檝e used IKEA products to organize yourself. Record your practice in some way (snap a photo!) and share it with us on Instagram using #iamcreative. We鈥檒l share our favorites right here on


1. Start with a clean slate: When organizing your bathroom (especially if it鈥檚 on the smaller side), opt for light, bright and sleek furniture. Our eyes get overwhelmed if there are too many dark colors and textures, so small spaces can feel claustrophobic if you鈥檙e not careful. Instead, bring in your personality through colorful textiles like a shower curtain, wall art and accents.


2. Be smart about vertical space:A tall cabinet with opaque doors will do wonders 鈥 not only does it masterfully hide your necessities, but it also takes advantage of vertical space.


3. Prioritize your most-used products: Use drawer inserts to further organize your toiletries by type and how often you use them. Place the most-used products in the front for easy daily access without the digging. IKEA has *tons* of organizational devices, so it鈥檚 easy to find the one that鈥檚 just right for your space.


4. Toss the packaging and go uniform: Clear, square sets of boxes are optimal for storing bulk essentials because you鈥檒l always know where they are without them getting in the way. Face it, you *really* don鈥檛 need a full bag of cotton balls overwhelming a space and blocking other products from view. Designate a box or shelf elsewhere for bulk products and thank us later :)


5. Compartmentalize!: In our opinion, there鈥檚 no such thing as too many compartments. Have a drawer designated for hair and makeup? Further organize it with inserts to make it a dig-free zone. A bit of smart compartmentalization goes a long, long way for peace of mind.


6. Use hooks instead of towel racks: In tiny bathrooms, long towel bars are a major clutter factor. Switch to single hooks to further take advantage of vertical space that would otherwise be wasted 鈥 like the side of a cabinet. This vertical cabinet actually comes with towel hook add-ons. How smart is that?


7. Give your countertop products a home: If keeping products on your bathroom counter is inevitable, look to small containers to make the surface feel clean. Stackable boxes and baskets with lids will make the space feel both practical *and* presentable.


Trust us, these seven tips will go a long way towards making your bathroom feel clean and organized *all* the time. Keep an eye out for more simple decluttering tricks for the home, comin鈥 soon!

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This post is a collaboration with IKEA.

Authored by: Maddie Bachelder
Photo Styling: Maddie Bachelder + Anita Yung
Photography: Chris Andre