Keeping the kitchen organized is a difficult task because… well, we have better things to do. And with the kitchen being the life of the home party, it automatically makes it the proverbial dumping ground. Bills, homework, the last granola bar and your lost pair of earbuds can probably be found on or around your countertop at any given time. But it’s time to stop the madness of the crazy kitchen disorder and fight back with these 20 creative ways to keep it organized.

1. Appliance Cubbies: We agree that the toaster isn’t exactly what you want to display front and center on your counter. Give all your small appliances a special place by putting some cubbies in a cabinet and providing each with an adorable label. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

2. Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer: Never lose your measuring spoons again. With only some craft board and a little glue, you can have your own unique personalized drawer organizers in no time. (via Kevin and Amanda)

3. Chalkboard Mason Jar Lids: Seriously, we could put a chalkboard project in almost every post. And these jars could house anything from rice and beans to rubber bands and paper clips. (via Momtastic)

4. Recipe Organization: It quickly becomes a crisis when you can’t find your favorite spaghetti sauce recipe among all those other printed ingredient lists. Type them up nicely and store them alphabetically in a pretty recipe box. (via The Merry Thought)

5. Spice Storage: If you’re lucky enough to have matching jars for all of your spices, why not put them on display? It certainly adds some flavor to the kitchen. (via Confessions of a New-Old Home Owner)

6. Label, Label, Label: Labeling is a basic way to organize anything from the drawers to the pantry. It easily lets you see where things are at a glance. (via The Social Home)

7. Tea Shelf: You would probably never even guess that this adorable tea shelf used to be an old champagne box. It surprised us too. (via Look What I Made)

8. Refrigerator Storage: Believe it or not, there is hope for your fridge. A good cleaning and some dollar store containers will have you opening it again and again just to revel in the order. (via First Home Love Life)

9. Vertical Kitchen Storage: Have some empty wall space in your kitchen? Fill it up with these pretty DIY storage containers. (via A Beautiful Mess)

10. Fridge Clutter: Give your fridge a breather with this DIY magnetic board that can house your family pictures and daily reminders away from sight, but still keep them easily accessible. (via Two Twenty One)

11. Cupcake Liner Storage: Corral all those leftover cupcake liners from all those birthday parties and stack ’em in a mason jar. (via Table for Two)

12. Magazine Files to Clutter Cleaner: Got a junk drawer? Use magazine files to get that baby organized. (via The Kitchn)

13. Upcycled Utensil Holders: Before you recycle those tin cans and plastic containers, splash a little paint on them to turn them into a pretty place to display your wooden spoons. (via Blah Blah Magazine)

14. Cake Stand Kitchen Organizer: Stop willing your life away drying the counter around your kitchen sink. Store your sponge and soap on a cake stand to keep the water to a minimum. (via Liz Marie)

15. Pots and Pans Storage: The most annoying thing in the world is needing a pan that is at the bottom of the stack. Hang them all up on the wall so you won’t ever have to go digging again. (via Design Sponge)

16. Kitchen Command Center: It’s easy to let the bills and papers overrun the kitchen counter. Keep your family straight and your counter clear with an easy-to-see calendar and some file folders. (via Achieving Creative Order)

17. Fabric Plastic Bag Holder ($15): Crumple those plastic bags into submission and store them neatly away in a bright fabric holder.

18. Under the Sink: Add some hooks inside the cabinets under your sink so your gloves and wash rags can dry out properly. Hidden storage and no more mildew smell, win win! (via Martha Stewart)

19. Door Organization: Small kitchen? Give yourself some extra storage with a slatted door and some hooks. (via C.R.A.F.T.)

20. Tupperware Storage: Turn that dusty CD storage rack into a fab place to store tupperware. This is a dream come true! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

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