As we’re basking in the warmth of our holiday fire and beautiful decorations, we never want this moment to end. Especially all the pretty decorations. Although I know most of us would love to leave our decorations up for as long as we can, it might be a little weird to have a Christmas tree in the living room in July, right? However, if you can’t bear to let go of all the decorations you spent so much time working on, you don’t have to! We’ve rounded up 20 ways to repurpose your holiday decorations so that you can keep ’em around all year long! See? Being a packrat can be a good thing.

1. Christmas Lights Wreath: Don’t throw away your dead bulbs! We are absolutely loving these beautiful wreath made out of old Christmas lights. It’s a great way reduce waste. (via Danielle Thompson)

2. Pinecone Candle Holder: Got an excess of candles? Spray paint them to make a beautiful candle holder. As the seasons change, you can spray paint them different colors to match. (via Crissy’s Crafts)

3. Pinecone Votive Holder: Wrap your little pinecones around a votive with some rustic twine and boom, you’ve got a beautiful and easy coffee table decoration. (via Shelterness)

4. Easter Tree: Decorated trees aren’t just for Christmas! Save your pastel ornaments to make a fun tree for Easter. (via Holiday Sparkle)

5. Repurposed Ornament Topiary: Can you believe that this topiary is made of ornaments? We couldn’t either. Such a clever invention. (via Junk Market Style)

6. Leftover Wrapping Paper Wreaths: Wreaths work all year-round. Use your leftover wrapping paper scraps to perk up your door with a bright, colorful rosebud wreath. (via Krazy Coupon Lady)

7. Wrapping Paper Roll Wreaths: Use the rolls leftover from wrapping paper to make this beautiful winter wreath. You can also add to the wreath with leftover ribbons! (via See You There)

8. Pine Needle Tea: If you’re feeling a little under the weather from all the festivities, this medicinal tea will be perfect to help you relax. And, it’s literally farm to table when you pick off pine needles from your tree. (via laurynasm)

9. Beer Bottle Christmas Light Garland: Recycle all the beer bottles left from celebrations and make it into an outdoor garland with your Christmas lights. (via Crafts for All Seasons)

10. Paper Leaf Decorations: After we put in all the effort to find beautiful wrapping paper, we hate throwing it away. Use your most stunning leftover wrapping paper to make these delicate leaves for a winter tablescape. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

11. Holiday Card Placecards: Reuse all those holidays cards by using them to make fun placecards for your dinner parties. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

12. Ribbon Board: You’ve repurposed all your extra wrapping paper, now what about the ribbon? Use it to make an easy DIY cork board or memory board! (via a*muse and Country Living)

13. Valentine’s Day Wreath: Red is definitely a prominent color during the Christmas holidays… but it’s also the main color for Valentine’s Day. Make some slight adjustments to your Christmas wreath, and suddenly it’s perfect for V-Day! (via At the Picket Fence)

14. Glitter Ornament Centerpieces: Made a lightbulb wreath (see #1) and still got extra Christmas lightbulbs? Dip ’em in glitter to add a hint of sparkle to your dining table. (via the Moody Fashionista)

15. Lightbulb Centerpiece: Well… maybe it’s the day of Christmas and you’re panicking because you forgot to decorate the dinner table? Pull together the green and red lights to make this modern centerpiece. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

16. Holiday Card Gift Tags: Recycling those holiday cards from your realtor is an easy way to make some spunky gift tags! (via Martha Stewart)

17. Ornament Chandelier: This chandelier will be a great conversation piece all year round. Use ornaments in a solid color, or ones in gold and silver keep your dining room festive. (via Escapade Blog)

18. Pine Needle Decorations: Pine needles are perfect freshening up table settings, or hang them on the wall as an abstract mural. So pretty and wintery! (via Apartment Therapy)

19. Christmas Light Headboard: We are absolute in love with this stunning headboard! Have a piece of Christmas every night before you go to sleep. (via Shelterness)

20. Glittering Lightscape: Want to brighten up your house without stringing Christmas lights? Make beautiful art with just a blank canvas, your extra holiday lights, and an awl! (via Apartment Therapy)

What’s your favorite way to repurpose your leftover holiday decorations? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!